How The Shoe Organizer Hack Will Solve All Of Your Storage Problems

It seems there's just never enough storage space. Millions of articles and social media posts provide tips on how to organized stored items, showcasing how many people want to use their storage space in the most efficient way possible. There are just as many ideas for innovative ways to store your items as there are items to be stored, so you're easy to get overwhelmed with the task of finding the best solution to fit your needs. In these cases, it's best to find a versatile product that can be used in every room in your house in different capacities. For example, a hanging shoe organizer can hold much more than just shoes, and it's also easy to install.

A hanging shoe organizer can be installed in pretty much any area where you have extra vertical space including against a wall, down the length of a door, on a shower curtain rod, or in a closet. Wherever you hang it, you can find nearby things to store in it. It could house dried or canned goods in your pantry, various toiletries in your bathroom, spot cleaners and wrinkle releasers by your laundry, lint rollers and outerwear accessories in your coat closet, or leggings and socks in your standing wardrobe. It could even help you make the most out of your small home office, as displayed in a YouTube video by @GetSimplifized. The possibilities are seemingly endless.

Hang a shoe organizer to solve multiple storage problems

Many hanging shoe organizers come with an over-the-door hook that settles on top of the door, as well as smaller hooks for the grommets in the organizer to sit upon. However, if you don't have a suitable door, you can simply adhere or screw hooks to the wall. You can even just hang the organizer on a couple of nails. Make sure your hook or nail is small enough to fit through the grommet, keeping in mind that many Command Hooks may be too large. Also ensure that the hooks can hold as much weight as necessary. Command Hooks list their weight limit on their packaging, but for anything you're nailing into the wall, secure it to a support stud. These are placed about every 16 inches apart behind your drywall and can be located with a stud finder.

If you're wanting to hang the organizer along the same rod as your shower curtain (a mesh compartment organizer is best here), you can open up a few of the curtain rings to slide the organizer grommets over them. Another option in the shower — or in a wardrobe or closet space — is to hang an additional tension rod strictly for the organizer. You could even forego the grommets altogether and simply clip a pants hanger to the top of the organizer and hang it amongst your clothes. Whatever you choose, you'll have a brand-new storage solution for your space.