The Common Kitchen Ingredients That'll Banish Super Glue Stains From Clothes

Super glue is a useful tool for sticking things together and doing various household repairs, but what's far less useful is finding glue stains on your clothes once you have finished a project. Super glue is tricky to remove because of the fact that it's literally designed to dry fast and stick to whatever it is applied to, not to mention that things can get messy once you start trying to get it out of an item. However, before you throw away your shirt, try using pantry staples baking soda and vinegar to banish lingering glue stains.

It may seem random, but the following cleaning hack with baking soda and vinegar is worth trying out if you have fallen victim to glue marks on your clothes. As it only requires two ingredients you likely already own, it's much more affordable and efficient than going out to the store to buy a product in the hopes that it will remove the glue stains. Plus, it's easy to do, meaning you could save yourself a trip to the dry cleaners.

Vanish pesky super glue stains without ruining your clothes

Gather together baking soda, white vinegar, and an old toothbrush. Sprinkle some baking soda over the stain, enough to cover it completely. Next, grab the toothbrush and the white vinegar. Dip the brush into the vinegar and then carefully scrub at the baking soda-covered stain. Don't be too rough, as you could end up damaging the fabric. When the mark appears to be mostly gone, it's time to wash the item. 

Depending on the fabric, you can either put the garment into the washing machine or hand wash it. We recommend adding a stain removal agent on top of the faded glue stain to ensure it really won't stick around. Wash as usual unless the item is made from a more delicate fabric, in which case, put the item on the most delicate cycle you have. If you don't have a washing machine cycle that is fitting, hand washing is a safer option. As for drying, air drying is always best for delicate fabrics and those prone to shrinking, but is also better for the longevity of your clothes in general. 

Read the following before beginning this hack

This super glue removal hack is an effective way to get rid of glue that's stubbornly sticking to your clothes. However, it shouldn't be used on all clothing items. Though not abrasive in the same way sandpaper is, baking soda is still an abrasive substance. Vinegar is also an acid. When combined, the two ingredients make a great stain remover but aren't the most gentle choice to use on fabrics that are prone to tearing. This includes silk, lace, and sheer fabrics such as chiffon. 

If you accidentally get super glue on the above fabrics, skip this hack and take the item to be professionally cleaned instead, letting them know about the glue stain. Additionally, you should only carry out this hack once the glue has dried fully. Trying to remove glue that hasn't dried down is a recipe for disaster. The glue could stick to your fingers, meaning you'll then have to get it off your skin as well as your clothes. Dried glue may also be easier to peel off. Overall, this hack is a simple and efficient way to get most clothing items fresh and free of super glue.