This Rubber Glove Hack Is The Secret To Spotless Floors

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If you're wondering how to keep your floors clean for longer, it all begins with cleaning them the right way. This includes removing as much dirt and grime as possible, especially in those hard-to-reach places. But your handy mop most likely misses plenty of nooks and crannies every single time you use it. If you're missing the space beneath your appliances or the far-to-reach corners, you're not alone. Luckily, you can wear a rubber cleaning glove, spray it with some water, and wipe down your floor in those hard-to-reach areas, grabbing hidden dirt and debris. 

Dirty floors do more than detract from your home's appearance. When crumbs and other food particles are on your floor, you run the risk of inviting unwanted pests, something that could lead to an infestation. Seeing as professional pest removal for infestations can cost in the thousands, it's best to take a few minutes out of your day and thoroughly clean your floors. And if you have a rubber glove handy, then this hack is free. If you don't have any rubber gloves available, you can purchase a pair on Amazon for $6 at the time of writing, reusing them again and again. 

Spray a plastic glove with water

This hack is fairly straightforward — just put on a pair of rubber gloves and use your hand as a mop. Since your fingers can reach areas where your actual mophead can't, you'll leave no stone unturned with this cleaning trick. But the key to this hack is spraying your gloves with water, attracting debris to the glove surface and picking it up off the floor. Otherwise, you'll just push the dirt around under your appliances instead of removing it. If you don't want to use plain water, you can use a variety of natural ingredients to clean floors, such as a vinegar solution. Vinegar can remove stubborn stains while tackling especially dirty areas. Just keep in mind that vinegar can be rough on wood floors, eroding their protective layer, which is why you might just want to use water on this material. 

The great thing about this hack is that you can reuse these gloves. Although you might not want to use them to wash dishes afterward, you can use them on your floors repeatedly. To clean your rubber gloves, wash them with soap and water and let them air dry between uses. Keep in mind that rubber retains moisture, which means your gloves are prone to developing mold, which is why you need to thoroughly dry them every time you use them. Additionally, remember to remove your jewelry before wearing your rubber gloves, to prevent them from ripping or tearing.