TikTok's Helpful Tips For A Fast And Easy IKEA Furniture Assembly

IKEA can be a great place to find everything you need to furnish your home while remaining within a budget. However, the downside is that most items from IKEA require assembly. This can be a nightmare if DIY isn't your strong point. If you have purchased from IKEA before, you may have found yourself surrounded by a pile of furniture pieces and screws with no real idea of what to do. If this sounds like you, TikTok has you covered. While it can't build your bookcase for you, the haven for hacks does have some super helpful tips about putting IKEA furniture together.

These tips should help you get back on track with the assembly process so you can get it done and dusted. From what you should do before beginning to put an item together to what you should do during the process, the below tips will let you begin enjoying your new bookcase or television stand sooner instead of sweating with a half-built item after several hours.

The following tips will make assembly a lot easier

The first step you should take is to sort out all accessories that are needed for the item before you start building anything. This is everything from the actual furniture parts to the screws and any tools you are given or plan to use. It will take you some extra time, but having everything laid out in front of you means you're not scrambling to try and find the right part during a crucial moment. Piggybacking on top of this, whether you're prone to losing screws or not, storing them in a bowl or container will help immensely.

When building furniture, things get moved around, and smaller items like knobs and screws can get lost. Putting them in an assigned place will stop this from happening. Another thing to do before you get started is to read the instructions in full — no skipping. It can be tempting to jump ahead and read as you go, but sometimes, IKEA instruction booklets mention various pieces out of order. Reading the entire booklet will help you to get a clearer picture of things. Plus, don't hesitate to search for the piece you're building online, as sometimes there are more in-depth tutorials to be found.

You hopefully should find putting furniture together is a lot easier

This next step has to do with actually assembling the IKEA item. Once you have all of the things you need in one place and have thoroughly read the instructions, attach all necessary screws to their assigned parts instead of building one part and moving on to the next. This way, you can put the items together in one fell swoop at the end. This won't only potentially save you some time when building, but again, means you won't lose any important screws.

Last but not least, when you're building, flip the instruction booklet with the pictures in the direction you're assembling (so upside down, diagonally, to the left or right, etc). Though an exceedingly simple thing to do, it might help you gain a better perspective on what an item is meant to look like if you find yourself scratching your head. By keeping the above tips in mind, you should find the overall assembly process goes a lot smoother even if you're building one of the more difficult IKEA furniture items.