Reuse An Old Cabinet Door To Make Your Laundry Room More Functional

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After installing new kitchen cabinets, you might be left with extra cabinet doors. There are quite a few uses for these items that are sustainable and will help you save money. Some of the most popular ways to repurpose old cabinet doors around the house include attaching hooks and making them into coat racks, using them as a canvas for a painting, or turning them into a chalkboard. You can also use a cabinet door and a small basket to make your laundry room more functional.

Simply attach a basket to an old cabinet door with screws, and now you have a decorative storage item that you can hang on an empty wall to keep small laundry room products organized. You can place dryer balls, detergent or bleach bottles, dryer sheets, or any other items in the basket to keep them neat and out of the way. This is a great way to add a bit more storage space to your laundry room without making major changes. Adding extra shelving can be time-consuming and expensive, so this is a much more affordable solution. You can even decorate the cabinet door to make it your own, like adding a decal that matches your home's aesthetic. Do not forget that you can also paint the door any color that best suits your laundry room.

How to create a laundry room organizer with a cabinet door

To create your own laundry room organizer, you will need an old cabinet door, a basket that is small enough to be screwed onto the door, and any other supplies you like to use to decorate the piece. You might want to opt for a basket that includes hooks at the bottom so that you can also hang small items on the organizer.

You should be able to find a variety of metal wire baskets that fit a cabinet door at your preferred home improvement store. Home Depot's 1-Drawer Wide Mesh Wire Basket includes screw holes and comes in a variety of sizes. The price ranges from about $14 to $24, depending on which size and color you select. Do not forget to measure your cabinet door to determine the exact size you need to look for when choosing your storage basket. You should be able to snag the screws and electric drill you will need to assemble this laundry room organization DIY from Home Depot as well.

After you have gathered all of your supplies, start by removing any hardware from your cabinet door with the appropriate tools. Next, paint and decorate your cabinet door however you prefer, allowing paint or glue to dry completely before screwing your basket to the door. Finally, hang your completed laundry room organizer on a wall and store your small laundry essentials inside the basket.

Decorating your organizer

You can make this laundry room organizer your own by getting creative with customization. First, think about how you want to decorate the cabinet door surface. You might choose to paint it an entirely different color. If you would like to spice up a dull laundry room, consider making it a bright color that will pop. This is a great way to make the organizer an eye-catching statement piece. You can also change up the cabinet's appearance by applying contact paper. It is not as messy as painting, and you do not have to worry about allowing it to dry before attaching the storage basket. Amazon sells cabinet-friendly contact paper that comes in 11 different colors. The site also offers a variety of patterned contact paper options, including a roll that features a green leaf pattern.

After decorating the surface of your cabinet door, you can get even more creative by adding fun decals. You can pick up letter stickers to spell out any message you'd like. Amazon sells an eight sheet for less than $10, and they come in a variety of colors. You can also purchase decals with a pre-written message to make things a bit easier. There are a variety of options available online and in craft stores. However, you can also snag a set on Amazon, which also sells a 25-piece set of stickers that include short motivational phrases for $9.99.