The Best Places In Your Home To Use Trendy Neutral Green Paint Colors

Neutral green paint colors are trending for good reason –- compared to their saturated counterparts, these grayed-out hues are more muted and timeless, giving a soothing earthy feeling. Indeed, thanks to our continuous exposure to muted greens of all varieties in our everyday outdoor environment, natural greens read more like a neutral rather than a color – and because of this ability to camouflage as a neutral, green is a versatile hue that can find an ideal home in almost every room and design style. Trendy neutral greens are also very popular because they have a wide range in tone, from soft gray greens with a fresh, serene feeling, to deep green blacks, which bring a drama and moodiness that still maintains down-to-earth roots. 

Now, if you've decided neutral greens are right for your house, there's some stuff to know in advance. First, to ensure you are selecting shades of green with that natural, neutral feeling, be sure to opt for colors with more neutral gray undertones rather than any unwanted blues or yellows, which can change the hue's appearance in your space. Second, employ the handy tip of testing green paint in the lighting of the room where you want to use it, to make sure it's actually the color you want. Once that's set, and you're ready to showcase an array of beautiful, neutral gray-green colors in your home, here are some suggestions to get you started. 

Right at home with neutral green hues

So you love muted greens and want to incorporate them in your home, but which shades work best and where? Not only is neutral green a perfect fit in the kitchen, this trending kitchen cabinet color will actually add value to your home. As for which green? Well, while sage would be gorgeous, leaning darker on the kitchen cabinetry lends a more dramatic statement, especially with a hue like dark sage or muted evergreen. 

Arguably, one of the best spaces to showcase a pop of neutral green is in your guest bathroom. Since this space is for your visitors, use it as an opportunity to show a little personality by using a more dramatic dark neutral green, like forest green, which is ideal for the vanity color (or for all of the walls, if you're feeling bold!). In the primary bathroom, lean a bit grayer with a really fresh, soft gray green on the vanity, or take notes from the aforementioned bathroom by adding a fabulous pop of forest green to the cabinetry.

Besides the public spaces of your home, your private primary suite is another incredible spot to showcase some neutral green. In the bedroom, either opt for a soft, soothing light sage on all the walls if you want it to feel light and airy, or go dark and moody with an accent wall (or dresser if you want to tiptoe into the drama) in a stunning muted dark or black green. 

Unexpected places to showcase nature's neutral

Besides the typical rooms in your home, there are other unexpected places to add trending neutral greens throughout your space. Interior doors would be absolutely stunning in a light to medium sage, as would a commitment to using the same color on all of your baseboards, casing, and other trim. Ceilings are another often forgotten yet completely magical place to add color. Use an accent green just on the ceiling or go for the full color drenching effect, and paint all four walls plus the ceiling in the same enveloping tone for a sophisticated design statement. Lower traffic floors, like a guest bedroom, are also a whimsical way to add a pop of neutral green.

Aside from the structural components of your home, there are other creative places to showcase your love of green. Paint the interior of a small closet green for an unexpected little surprise. Use a moody black green or dark evergreen on built-in bookcases to level up the sophistication. Consider painting furniture items like dressers, chairs, or even artwork frames a gorgeous shade of neutral green to bring the color element into the space but with less commitment and more flexibility to change things up in the future. Regardless of where you showcase your lovely neutral greens and despite their current trending status, these timeless natural hues will bring a soothing pop of visual interest to your space for a long time to come.