25 Gray Green Paint Colors You'll Want In Your Home

Picking a paint color for your home can be a difficult process. You want something that is representative of your personality while also being adaptable and fitting in with your current furniture and decor scheme. Plus, if you're a renter, odds are you're limited to neutral shades.

Gray green is the best of both worlds, being both practical and adaptable as well as charismatic and dynamic. Officially, gray green is defined as any green color with gray hues, per Vocabulary.com, but the reverse can also be said. Essentially, it's a flatter, less saturated shade of green with a dusty effect that could be mistaken for gray, or a gray shade with a bit more vibrancy and saturation. It also offers the best of green and gray's individual psychological effects. For example, green is a very positive, earthy, rooted color, with gray instilling a sense of balance and calmness, according to Oberlo. Keep reading to get some inspiration for your next gray green paint shade.

1. Benjamin Moore Cos Cob Stonewall

This first gray green shade comes from Benjamin Moore, and sits perfectly in the center of the two shades' spectrum. It has the trendy feel of green and the neutrality of gray, making it a perfect hue for any room in your home.

2. Sherwin-Williams Taiga

This next shade from Sherwin-Williams is a little deeper and leans more towards green, but it has a nice dusty finish that would look great as an accent wall to ground a room.

3. Glidden Dark Green Velvet

This Glidden shade is a bit mossier and deeper with a richer undertone, but it has a flatness to it that gives it a slight gray tonality.

4. Benjamin Moore Dakota Shadow

This swatch from Benjamin Moore is also a little mossy, even slightly olive. It's desaturated enough that it could easily be paired with other neutrals as an accent or base color.

5. Sherwin-Williams Succulent

This paint shade from Sherwin-Williams is very earthy, but it has a strong gray effect. It would look great in an intimate room like a dining room, office, or home study.

6. Glidden Juniper Berry

Glidden offers a slightly richer, more saturated shade of green, but it has a neutral tone and coolness that makes it a unique gray green paint option. 

7. Benjamin Moore Vintage Vogue

For a taupe-y, browner shade of gray green, consider this color from Benjamin Moore. It has an antique charm and gray inspiration and would be a perfect shade for kitchen cabinets or an accent wall.

8. Sherwin-Williams Frosted Fern

A very taupe-y shade of gray green is from Sherwin-Williams. It's much heavier on the gray side of things, with lots of warmth and a tinge of natural green inspiration.

9. Glidden Scarborough

This Glidden shade is quintessentially gray green, with a solid, flat green base and light, dusty gray overtone. 

10. Benjamin Moore Mistletoe

Another warmer gray green option comes from Benjamin Moore. It is a lot more green overall, but it has a gray finish with lots of taupe-y warmth backing it up.

11. Sherwin-Williams Sage Green Light

This Sherwin-Williams sage shade is very earthy and almost brown, with a slight but sophisticated gray tinge. It would be a great accent wall shade in a more professional room like an office or home study.

12. Glidden Gale Force

On the opposite end of the spectrum is this Glidden gray green, which is very light and balances its gray and green influences perfectly. It's neutral enough to be a great whole room color or to add a very slight pop of green in an otherwise neutral room.

13. Benjamin Moore Stonybrook

This Benjamin Moore shade is also a perfect blend of gray and green and is a bit more saturated than the other true gray green shades. It would look great paired with rich wood-toned and antique furniture pieces.

14. Sherwin-Williams Clary Sage

For another earthier gray green option with a slightly brighter tone, consider this Sherwin-Williams shade. It has a sage base with a nice gray quality, but an almost yellow overtone. 

15. Glidden Morning Fog

Another light and almost perfect neutral shade of gray green is from Glidden. It's dominated by its light gray components, but the green tinge adds a lightness that could almost make it mistakable for white, but with a bit more character.

16. Benjamin Moore Millstone Gray

For the same effect but with a darker tone, there's this gray green from Benjamin Moore. It has a gray base, but the dark green overtone adds a bit more character than a basic, run-of-the-mill gray.

17. Sherwin-Williams Pearl Gray

This Sherwin-Williams shade offers a lovely, creamy beige base for its gray green swatch. It isn't as dusty or grainy as other gray greens, but it has the same elevated neutral effect. 

18. Glidden Anonymous

As does this Glidden shade, although its green components shine through a bit stronger than the previous Sherwin-Williams shade. Still, it has a gray overcast that makes it a beautiful neutral that would look great in a living room, hallway, bedroom, kitchen, office, or dining room.

19. Benjamin Moore Gray Pinstripe

This Benjamin Moore shade has a strong gray base, with a slight hint of a deep and flat sage green. This would look great in a sophisticated kitchen or dining room, or even a more intimate bathroom.

20. Sherwin-Williams Austere Gray

This Sherwin-Williams shade has the neutrality of some of the previously mentioned beige or taupe-based, gray green shades, but it's not nearly as bright. As such, the complex gray and green hues have a lot more room to shine through. 

21. Glidden Dusty Miller

This Glidden gray green has a very sophisticated, polished look, while still being very adaptable. It would go great in an earthy, rustic room. 

22. Benjamin Moore Kitty Gray

This Benjamin Moore gray green shade has an army green overtone, with a strong gray backing. Despite its somewhat utilitarian tone, it would look great in a really earthy, boho-inspired bedroom or living room, or even a dining room.

23. Sherwin-Williams Rare Gray

Another heavily taupe-inspired shade of gray green is from Sherwin-Williams. It would look great in a cottage or farmhouse-inspired room, especially a kitchen or dining room.

24. Glidden Jade Frost

Another lighter shade of gray green with a beige inspiration is from Glidden. This one is a strong neutral and would brighten up and add a bit of color to your living or dining room.

25. Benjamin Moore Shaker Gray

This Benjamin Moore gray green shade has a powerful gray base with a very slight green overtone, giving it a very industrial effect.