The Mobile Piece Of Furniture That's A Storage Must-Have For Small Apartments

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If you're trying to make the most out of your studio apartment or just simply don't seem to have enough space in your small rental, it's crucial to use pieces of furniture that maximize your limited square footage. This includes items that have multiple uses, like storage benches, but it also means mobile items that can easily be moved around. One such furniture piece that every small apartment should have is a rolling cart.

Also called a utility cart, these items typically have three or more tiers and wheels on the bottom. There are a few reasons why these carts are so beneficial in apartments. First, they can be found in very slim sizes, making them ideal for squeezing into tight spaces. Second, because they're mobile, you can tuck them away when not in use and then pull them out as needed. Furthermore, just about anything can be placed on these carts, so you can use them to store whatever you desire to keep your apartment organized. Finally, rolling carts are inexpensive and can be purchased from a number of retailers, making them a budget-friendly and accessible tool for most renters.

Where to purchase a rolling cart

No matter what your needs or budget are, you should be able to find the perfect rolling cart for your space. Before purchasing, check the measurements of the piece to ensure it will fit where you need it to. If you're looking for something simple and cheap, consider Cherybn's plastic cart at Walmart, which comes in many colors options at $25 or less. This piece also has handles, making it easy to move around. A similar option is sold at IKEA for $40, and it's the RÅSKOG. Though it doesn't have handles, it is made out of steel, so it's a bit stronger and may last longer.

If you need a cart that will fit into a tiny space, look to IKEA's VESKEN cart. Priced at only $10, this slim polypropylene cart is perfect for tucking between furniture pieces. Finally, if you want a rolling cart that could double as a side table or nightstand, the Johgee rolling cart with tabletop on Amazon for $40 might be your best option. While it's very similar to the other basic carts, this metal piece has a wooden board over the top tier that can easily be removed and items can be stored underneath it. This cart also comes with a few hooks on the side of the second tier that can be used for additional storage.

How to use a rolling cart in your small apartment

Once you've chosen the right rolling cart to fit your needs, you can customize it by adding organizational items to the sides. For instance, add more storage with an easy Dollar Tree DIY that involves attaching a pegboard to the furniture piece. You could also include hooks or storage compartments, which you can buy on Amazon for $12. If you want to customize the cart to fit your aesthetic, consider spray painting it another color or lining the shelves with contact paper.

You'll then need to decide what to store on the cart and where to keep it. Luckily, there are tons of creative ways you can use a utility cart in your home. One idea is to organize all your cleaning supplies on the tiers and then store the cart in your closet. This is beneficial because it can easily be rolled around your apartment so that you always have all your tools on hand. Another idea is to use it for your cosmetics, which would be especially handy for those who do their makeup near a window for natural lighting. Similarly, art supplies could be placed on the cart and rolled around. Furthermore, slim carts can be tucked between furniture items like the bathroom vanity and the toilet, the washer and the dryer, or your bed and nightstand. Finally, try placing your cart in the kitchen to hold snacks or cooking utensils.