Add Even More Storage To Your Home Rolling Cart With This Easy Dollar Tree DIY

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Rolling carts are like the workhorses of the house, as there are so many creative ways you can use a utility cart in your home. They can serve as a tool corral in the garage, helping to capture your smaller odds and ends. They can also be a house cleaning game-changer if transformed into a multi-tier cleaning caddy that rolls, negating the need for you to carry armfuls of cleaning supplies from room to room. And they can even be utilized as a compact craft station, capturing everything from stacks of cardstock paper to the 12 different types of glue you have. However, no matter what you use a rolling cart for, one thing probably consistently stays the same — you always wish you had even more room on it. Luckily, you can add more storage to your rolling cart with the help of Dollar Tree pegboards. 

You can hang these boards from the side of the cart, magically creating more space to hang some tools or other items. The best thing about this hack is that it is affordable and easy for all skill levels. One large pegboard will set you back a mere $1.25, making it a low-risk DIY to try. And you don't need any power tools to make this tweak, which means that even home improvement newbies can make this modification. Here is how to add more storage to your cart with dollar store pegboards.

How to use Dollar Tree pegboards to increase rolling cart storage

Since you can't stuff any more items onto the shelves of the cart, it's time to hang them from the sides! To accomplish this DIY, head to the Storage & Organization aisle in your local Dollar Tree and pick out your desired number of Jot Large Square Pegboards. Depending on how many extra items you need to store, this can vary anywhere from one to six boards. The boards measure 8.75 by 8.75 inches, so they're pretty sizeable. You can choose between either a white or black version, so pick one that best matches your particular cart. 

If you're using multiple boards, interlock them with zip-ties. Simply line the boards in a vertical line and thread one zip-tie through each corner, securing the two pieces together. Make sure the zip-tie fastener is facing the back of the pegboard so the front stays looking sleek. Once your panel is ready, take another two zip-ties and attach the board to the cart itself. Thread it through the third hole from the board's corner, and attach it to the top handle of the cart. Secure an additional two zip-ties to the bottom as well to keep the panel securely in place. Depending on what you want to hang from the boards, you can attach specific types of hooks. Dollar Tree sells a pack of six Jot Medium Plastic Pegboard Hooks for $1.25 that would work perfectly.

How to customize your pegboards

While Dollar Tree offers both black and white pegboards, people have all sorts of rolling cart colors. If you have a light blue or baby pink one, consider customizing the board to the same color by spray painting it. To ensure even coverage and for the holes not to get clogged, prop the board up against a wall so it sits vertically while spraying it. Tack on a drop cloth or set up large pieces of cardboard against the wall and flooring. Make sure to do this outside or in a well-ventilated area. Add two to three coats for the best coverage, and allow it to dry for at least an hour. If you're new to spray painting and are worried about drips, have a small paintbrush and paint thinner handy. If you notice a drip, lightly dab the brush into the paint thinner and quickly wipe away the drip. Once done, seal the paint with Mod Podge Clear Acrylic Sealer, available on Amazon for about $10, so the paint doesn't chip as you use the boards.

You can also make the pegboard more useful by adding additional storage items onto your storage solution. For instance, if you need to hold a large number of items like craft supplies or utensils in the kitchen, a container could come in handy. You could purchase six black Kuhome Pegboard Cups on Amazon for about $13. These could be spray painted as well to match your aesthetic.