20 Ways To Decorate With Gen Z Yellow

Everyone remembers the craze that was millennial pink — a soft, subdued dusty rose that took the internet by storm, and came to symbolize the millennial generation's aesthetic values. Everyone from online celebrity influencers to high-end designers were obsessing over the color. But as the next generation is maturing and coming into their own aesthetic autonomy, the question is, what color defines Gen Z?

That would be Gen Z yellow. While millennial pink had much debate over its specific tone and hue nuances (bubblegum, flamingo, or rose quartz?), Gen Z yellow is more of a feel, a capsulation of the generation's spirit. According to Cosmopolitan, Gen Z yellow is generally defined by a bright, vibrant hue of yellow, associated with a more canary yellow, though they also say it can come in mustard, neon, and muted tones as well. It is "carefree, bold, outgoing," per Cosmo, and is a symbol of optimism, warmth, and allegiance, as noted by Insider.

Many models and celebrities (Gigi Hadid, Emma Chamberlain, and Kendall Jenner, to name a few) have been featuring the color in their wardrobes. However, it is not limited to your closet. Gen Z yellow, in all its facets and nuances, can be a great addition to spruce up your home.

1. Spruce up your kitchen

If you're wanting to liven up your kitchen, consider adding accents of Gen Z yellow. Add a few decorative pieces, or as seen in the picture above, add a few sporadic accents sporting the color. Pair with other trendy colors, such as seafoam gray-blue.

2. Yellow accent chair

To easily add flare to a room, or to break up a basic color scheme, add a bold Gen Z yellow accent chair. It will do plenty of work to make the room interesting and trendy, but will pair well with most decoration styles.

3. Retro vibes

Retro has been in for awhile, and adding in a few retro-inspired pieces is a great way to keep your space up with the times. Incorporate Gen Z yellow by looking for an aptly colored funky piece of furniture, such as a geometric chair, or fun side tables.

4. Yellow couch with blue and gold accents

Yellow couches are a bold move, but totally on trend. Make it a bit more relaxed and cozy with jewel toned blue accents and gold hardware.

5. Patterns galore

While yellow, particularly Gen Z yellow, is bold, it can also become quite cohesive when paired with a simple black, white, and beige color scheme. Furthermore, when blended into a space, it will go excellently with a multitude of patterns — especially if there are traces of the color in the print.

6. Simple throws and accents

Gen Z yellow does not have to do much to be noticed. As such, simply adding a bold yellow throw pillow and blanket or two will help easily and affordably incorporate it into your home.

7. Incorporate heavy warm tones

Feature the warmth of the bold generational color by matching it with equally vibrant reds, oranges, and pinks (maybe even throw in some millennial pink for the cuspers).

8. Industrial yellow

For those who have a more industrial aesthetic, Gen Z yellow is perfect. It is bold and vibrant, but goes excellently with any color of exposed hardware, beam, etc. Have fun and pair it with other bold colors for a groovy bachelor(ette) pad.

9. Bold pops of yellow

Beige and yellow tend to go excellently together, since beige is similar in tone to a subdued yellow. Add some contrast to that dynamic with bright, egg yolk yellow pops.

10. Boho-Scandinavian

Boho-Scandinavian is a unique blend of two popular, but almost contradictory, design approaches — Scandinavian being more simple, and bohemian being more eclectic. Merging the two, though, results in a perfect marriage in the middle — not too chaotic, but not too stale. Heavily utilize the varieties of Gen Z yellow to help warm up this aesthetic.

11. Bohemian elegance

That being said, those favoring the eclectic nature of a true bohemian style will still find plenty of use for Gen Z yellow. In fact, boho is an aesthetic that almost necessitates the color. Pair with plenty of other rich and vibrant colors.

12. An at home jungle

With the houseplant craze in full swing, odds are you have been afflicted with a serious green thumb. Add some contrast among the foliage with pops of bold yellow, which will stand out among the greenery while also complementing it.

13. Modern and sleek with a pop of color

For those who enjoy the sleek, modern, monochromatic look, don't write off the bold yellow just yet. Add some life, interest, and visual intrigue to your black and white pallet with a pop of Gen Z yellow. Start small with a lampshade, a throw, or vase, or go all-in with a chair.

14. Classic green and yellow

Green and yellow pairings were once trendy, but have recently cemented themselves as a classic. The two look great together, providing both warmth and coolness. Even more interesting is pairing a dark, almost warm green like emerald, with a bright, almost cool yellow, like Gen Z yellow.

15. Gen Z yellow and gray

A gray color pallet is a classic, as it's adaptable, clean, and effortless. For those wanting to transition into something more relevant, though, go crazy with Gen Z yellow. Throw pillows, throw blankets, furniture, décor, wall art — anything you can think of!

16. Pair with jewel tones

Yellow in general will create contrast with most colors that aren't warm. The canary tone of Gen Z yellow is no different. Play up this aspect by boldly pairing a statement piece of yellow furniture with rich, decadent jewel tones.

17. Sleek and classy accent chair

While Gen Z yellow is undoubtedly bold, it doesn't have to be loud. Opt for a more muted finish approach to the color on an armchair in a classier, sleeker room. This will add visual intrigue and brightness, but not dominate the environment.

18. Mix and match warms and cools

Mixing and matching warm and cool colors is a very popular decorating approach, as it creates difference and dimension in a space. Make this more noticeable via Gen Z yellow by opting for dark cools (sapphire and navy blue, grays, emeralds etc.) with richer and bolder warms (rose gold, peach orange, etc.).

19. Mid-century yellow

The mid-century aesthetic has most definitely made a comeback as of late. Gen Z yellow has a real retro flare to it, and fits perfectly in the design approach, whether in sparse accents or bold statements.

20. Intergenerational color combo

For people born on the cusp of Gen Z and Millennials, also known as Zoomers, you may feel a deep allegiance to both Gen Z yellow and Millennial pink. Who says you have to choose? Pink and yellow are a timeless color combo, and the two specific shades work wonderfully together.