Inside The Historic Ohio Building On Sale For $6 A Square Foot

A building in Northeast Ohio has hit the market for just $95,000. The listing notes that it includes 1.64 acres, and just under 17,000 square feet, making it just $6 per square foot. Built in 1898, the building used to be operated as Prospect Elementary School until closing in 2007, according to Public School Review.

The Salem building was originally listed in February 2016 for $200,000 and then was reduced to $190,000 in May of the same year. The listing was removed in August 2016 and then sold in a seemingly off-market deal in August of 2021 for just $55,000. The building is in dire need of some major renovations, having sat vacant since the school closed almost 15 years ago. That being said, it comes at a major bargain price with lots of historical value. It is also zoned as a residential lot, making it a potential dream project for a house flipper.

Inside the abandoned school

While the building may be old and in need of some love and rejuvenation, it still has a lot to offer potential buyers. The main building has a beautiful brick exterior with multiple tall, rounded rectangular windows, as well as a few balconies. There is another building on the property, too, according to the listing, which was used as an annex classroom. The property is also fenced in.

The main entryway of the building leads up two split flights of stairs. The entry foyer leads to the first staircase, which has a large archway with beautiful glass panes, perfect for remodeling into a home or business. The staircases lead into classrooms, which could be used as bedrooms, offices, or other business or personal related rooms. The listing says the building is still split up like a school, but walls could easily be torn down or built to remodel it into whatever the buyers see fit.

More of the historic Salem building

The building has a lot of seemingly original aspects, such as the tile in the gymnasium, the wood floors in classrooms, and the windows throughout. There are some modern aspects that are a bit of an eyesore, though, such as the dropped ceiling panels throughout various classrooms and offices. The listing also shows that the gymnasium is still intact, complete with concrete risers and a stage, all lined with beige subway tiles. This could either pose a serious problem to potential buyers or a great opportunity for remodeling it into a venue, performance studio, or other creative ideas.

Regardless of what the building will turn into, there are many directions remodels could go. The building has a lot of historical appeal and great bones but undoubtedly needs a makeover. In the age of home renovations, house flipping, and creative AirBNB remodels, the potential of this historic Salem building is endless.