This Historic Syracuse, New York Home Is For Sale For A Fixer-Upper Price

A historic home in Syracuse has hit the market. Built in 1920, the home is nearly 2,000 square feet, with four bedrooms and one bathroom, a basement, original features; the Zillow listing noted that it has not been remodeled. It has a fenced-in backyard and is located in a charming neighborhood. And, it can all be yours for $12,000.

Yes, this home is only $12,000. While the historical charm and low price may make it seem like a steal, a peek inside the house makes it clear that some major money needs to be invested in the renovation. New York Post stated that renovations are estimated to cost around $88,000. The home is part of a network of homes listed for extremely low prices but require major renovations. So much so that while the home may not cost much, they require you to show financial statements proving you can afford the renovations, one home requiring as much as $189,000.

1920s colonial revival home

From the outside, this house does not appear to need much work, if any at all. Even at its age, and with the need of some major work inside, this house has been updated enough to be sound and functional as a modern home. The exterior is a creamy, beige siding with red shutters, accent trimming, and friezes. The colors come together in a decorative carving above the front door, with beige and red decorative engravings.

The home is three floors, not including the basement, with the curbside view somewhat taking after colonial revival architecture trends of the '20s. The third floor is seen from the street as a decorative dormer with a small paladin window. The front and backyards are both fenced in, offering a contained space to enjoy evenings outside, or to let children play or pets run. The front porch is also stylishly fenced with black iron fencing, with decorative iron pillars supporting the second floor.

A historical fixer upper

Immediately upon entering the home, the price point becomes clear. The walls are uneven and cracked, and the floors are either really old, yellowed carpet, or stripped wood. The major features of the home are unkempt, uneven, and seemingly unstable in some areas, such as the landing. All of the appliances are old and raggedy, such as those in the kitchen, which only has a few cabinets and a very old sink and microwave left. The bathroom also has outdated appliances.

There are numerous original features in the home that are invaluable and more than make up for the work that will need to be put in to restore it. All of the archways are original wood from the 1920s, and while some parts of the house seem to be in states of disrepair, the vintage wood is sturdy and almost untouched by age, with quality that is unmatched in modern design. The original fireplace in what could be a living or dining room is also stunning, with beautiful warm, yellow-toned wood, original dark red bricks, ornate carvings, and a built-in mirror.

Antique charm and original wood

The windows are all original with carved panes, as well, and when the house is given some much-needed TLC, will create a gorgeous accent to more modern renovations. There are also lots of original light fixtures, some more charming and relevant than others, but that can easily be incorporated into whatever style the new owner chooses to go for. Other original features that the house boasts include the staircase, and specifically the intricately carved railings, the bathroom tile, doorknobs, and a butler's pantry.

On the other face of that coin, though, is the excessive work the upper levels in particular need. While some areas of the home, such as the first floor, need refinished walls, replaced carpets, and new flooring installed, the upper level has much more labor-intensive needs. A few of the bedrooms are wallpapered, for example, and have stained carpets. And while much of the original wood is left untouched, some of that wood has been thickly and sloppily painted white. If the new owner wishes to restore the home to its historical charm, they will have a hefty project ahead of them.