Inside The Foreclosed Mansion Of RHOBH's Erika And Tom Girardi

After spending almost a year on the market, an $8 million mansion is officially being foreclosed. The stunning home was owned by former attorney Tom Girardi that he shared with soon to be ex-wife and "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star Erika Girardi, also known as Erika Jayne. The mansion was originally listed for close to $13 million in May of 2021, per New York Post, and went through five different price cuts prior to the initial foreclosure. Unfortunately for Girardi, the foreclosure comes after a lien was placed on the home after the 80-year-old failed to pay taxes on the property. The state of the art mansion was originally purchased by Girardi back in 1980 for around $1.3 million.

According to Zillow, the home was originally built in 1928 and is located at 100 Los Altos Dr in Pasadena, California. Sitting on nearly two acres of land, the two-story Beverly Hills home features a stunning four bedrooms and nine bathrooms with other notable features, including a chapel, secondary laundry room, and a guest house with private access. Like most mansions, the home is large with a size estimate of around 10,300 square feet. There is no shortage of space in this mansion and is the perfect size home to house guests of as many as one desires.

Outside luxury

While most homes, specifically mansions, are primarily known for their interior, this one is just as well known for its exterior and surrounding outdoor spaces as well. Among the many features, the most notable aspect is the view that comes with the property. Sitting in the second story, one can have a mountain-type view that allows you to see hundreds of miles away. Per Zillow, this home also comes with an incredible rectangular inground pool.

Aside from the pool, other outdoor water sources include an inground spa and a waterfall. In opposition to the pool is a one-of-a-kind guest house. While the home itself has plenty enough room to house many guests, who doesn't love a guest house? This mansion also has many other outdoor luxuries including pavement that spans throughout the property. This is perfect for a late-night evening stroll or a morning run. There are also several seating areas and numerous patios and porches.

Interior extraordinaire

Just as the exterior of this home is impressive, the interior of the home is equally eye-catching. Much like what one would see in a Victorian magazine, this home has many features, including several floor-to-ceiling windows, primarily wooden brown walls, and more chandeliers that one will ever see in a single hardware store. Every bedroom and bathroom is large in space, including those that are not full size. While most staircases are simple and basic, the one residing in this home is just as impressive as the rest of the house. While slowly circling towards the top floor, the carpet descending the stairs is definitely a unique feature.

One of the most popular rooms that most ask about is the kitchen, and the one featured in this home doesn't fall short of features. According to Zillow, the kitchen has been remodeled from its previous installments. It features a kitchen island, stone counters, and a walk-in pantry. Wide windows reside above the sink, which is perfect for enjoying an early morning view. With every appliance that one can imagine, this kitchen is perfect for cooking a full-course meal or throwing a simple frozen entree into the oven.

One of a kind rooms

Now, let's discuss all the fun and unique rooms in this home. Perhaps the most unheard-of feature is a second laundry room. Conveniently located at opposite ends of the very large mansion, whoever lives here next will have the option to choose where to wash their laundry. Another favorite room in this house is a built-in library. As New York Post states, the library is covered in walnut panelings and features two fireplaces on each end of the very wide room.

Another equally unique room that resides in this mansion is a chapel. This is almost unheard of for homes, including mansions. However, this is a perfect place to nourish all the religious needs that one might face and a perfect safe haven. Speaking of safety, let's talk about security. As one might assume, this mansion is complete with all the security one will ever need. Per Zillow, there is an automatic gate at the entry, fire and smoke detection systems, a fire sprinkler system, and of course, wiring for an alarm system.