5 Life-Altering Ways To Clean Under Your Bed

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Unless you have Paul Bunyan stashed in your cleaning closet, lifting up your bed frame every time you need to vacuum or grab something from under your bed probably isn't realistic. While it may be tempting to just ignore the dust bunnies collecting beneath your mattress, it is important to sweep them up regularly as they can pose health hazards and harm your home, according to The Cleaning Authority. Equally frustrating can be if you drop something important or your pet has accidentally knocked an item where you can't reach it. 

So what do you do when you can't jack your bed frame up for a quick sweep? Luckily, we've created this guide that has a variety of solutions from low to high-tech that can fit any budget and cleaning need. Read on to find the best cleaning hacks for cleaning under your bed, from dust bunnies to spills to missing socks. 

1. Buy a small robot vacuum

While the original robot vacuums frequently found themselves bumping into walls repeatedly or dying in unreachable spaces (such as under your bed), new models offer impressive technology. Plus, who doesn't love a little extra time freed up by your handy robot butler? The sticker shock of these can be alarming, and they are definitely investments. Roombas by iRobot range from about $180 to nearly $900! The main difference between models is the extra bells and whistles, like self-emptying filters and mop and spray functions. You can also explore other options on Amazon's Best Seller list to find the right model for you, but plan on spending $120 at a minimum.

One big thing to keep in mind when selecting your robot vacuum is measurements. Make sure your robot will have enough head clearance to get under your bed frame, or else you'll have a very expensive mistake on your hands. You may also want to look for a model that can fit under your couch and other low-to-the-ground furniture items before buying. 

2. Break out the long-handled duster

You may be used to reaching for your duster when it comes to blinds or even the tops of your cupboards, but did you know your favorite long-handled duster also works remarkably well on floor surfaces? If you have tile, wood, laminate, or other hard floors, your duster can easily get to hard-to-reach spaces with minimal effort. This extendable duster from Swiffer can reach up to 3 feet and has a nice compact design that won't take up much room. Working from top to bottom on both sides of the bed should help you to eliminate dust clusters. 

You can also add a rag to the end of the pole to work at sticky spots or other icks that have found their way under your bed. If you're on the short side or truly cleaning the apartment from top to bottom, the extendable duster arm can work as a multifunctional cleaning tool for surfaces high, low, and in between. 

3. Bring the dust out from under the bed

You may not have the budget to invest in a robot vacuum, or your in-laws may be arriving shortly, and you don't have time to run to the store to snag a duster. Not all hope is lost. You can use our budget-friendly one-ingredient cleaning supply — air! If you can't reach the dust bunnies, hair, or even misplaced jewelry that has found itself under your bed or couch, make them come to you. If you have a hairdryer in your bathroom or a fan in the garage, you can use these household items to push the dust out from under the bed. You may feel a little bit silly holding your blow dryer while you inspect under the bed on your tummy, but sometimes the most obvious solution is the best. 

Once you've gotten the debris dislodged from under the bed, simply sweep or vacuum it up and discard it in the trashcan. 

4. Use tape to clean up dirt and debris under your bed

If you don't have a proper vacuum and have carpeted floors, you may be feeling a little downtrodden looking through this list. Carpet fibers hold onto hair, skin, and other debris with more grip than hard flooring is able to, which can make cleaning rugs or carpeting extremely difficult. Just like using your handheld lint roller to remove pet hair from your clothes and other surfaces, you can easily use tape to help pick up messes. 

Gleem recommends wrapping your broom handle in tape so you'll have the stickiness of a lint roller and the reach of an extendable duster. Stick the broom handle under the bed and roll until you don't feel any more "stick" from the tape. You'll likely have to change the tape out a few times to get all of the collected debris, but you will have the satisfying evidence right in front of you to see that this method truly works. 

5. Making good use of your vacuum attachments

When you get your new vacuum, you may be quick to discard the extra attachments that accompany it. But this is a mistake, as they can be a real lifesaver for furniture and hard-to-reach areas such as baseboards and, yes, under your bed. Typically, vacuums with hoses come with an upholstery and horsehair nozzle attachment. Use the upholstery attachment if you have a carpet or a rug, as these are designed to pull deeply from couch fibers using a more concentrated force of air. If you are working with hard floorings such as wood floors or tile, opt for the horsehair nozzle. Horsehair does the work of sweeping up hair as it drags, so even sticky or matted dust and debris can be captured. 

If all else fails and your attachments are nowhere to be found, Hunker recommends just laying your vacuum flat and pushing it under the bed. This will be a little awkward, but it's better than letting dust bunnies live under your bed rent-free.