The Ocean View From This $1.15 Million Oregon Home Will Blow Your Mind

There's something to be said about living the beach life. The feeling of warm sand as you stroll down endless miles of coastline and nothing but the sound of crashing waves to help soothe your soul. Luckily there are plenty of inexpensive beach towns in the United States that you can move to with easy access to any one of its many incredible waterfronts. Whether it's on the entertaining edges of the east coast of New Jersey or the sunny beach lines of the west side of California, a good beach can be well within driving distance. However, if you are not content with having to drive to a local beach on the weekends, and the idea of sitting in traffic or fighting for space on a crowded waterfront is not exactly your idea of a good time, then we might have the solution for you.

Oceanfront property in Oregon is currently selling for $1.15 million, and although this may seem like a hefty price tag, we promise that the views are well worth the extra bucks. Making the move to Oregon may seem a little daunting, however, there are plenty of reasons why this west coast state is so appealing. With a consistently mild climate and picturesque landscapes that include heavily forested areas and ocean views from the western side of the state as well as dry desert climates to the southwest bordering Nevada, according to Visit Oregon. But most of all, there are the stunning views of the Pacific Ocean.

A look at this stunning Oregon property

Located right at the border that divides Oregon from the northwestern tip of California is this incredible property which is within driving distance of the 1.8 million-acre tree-filled nature reserve of the Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest. The home sits on just under one acre of property and is selling for $1.15 million, according to the listing on Realtor. Constructed in 1966, this single-family home has plenty of potential for upgrades to make it an absolute dream.

The gated property is actually an amalgamation of two lots and can be reached by a smoothly paved driveway that is large enough to comfortably park multiple vehicles. Surrounding the house are mature trees, well-groomed shrubs, and perfectly pruned bushes. The home is encompassed by a wooden deck which is ideal for entertaining guests and just simply lounging outside and enjoying the perfect Oregon weather. Although the actual wood of the patio and deck looks as though it could use a bit of touching up, this just allows you the opportunity to choose your own shade of luscious stain in order to bring some life back to this wonderful outdoor space. If the style is not quite to your liking, then you can start fresh and build your own deck in order to add your own personal touch to the outside of this home. Around the back is a wonderfully cascading staircase that brings right down to the crashing waves of the ocean.

A little TLC might be needed to the inside of this Oregon oceanfront home

When you eventually pry yourself away from the gorgeous views of the surrounding trees and waterfront and head inside of the 1,889 square foot home, you might notice that it could use a little work. Complete with three bedrooms and two bathrooms, this one-story home has design potential written all over it. The bare bones of each room seem solid enough, however, wood flooring in the amazing living room is unfortunately covered in old carpeting. But, the walls are the perfect blank slate for you to add your own beach-inspired paint colors, and the exposed brick fireplace is absolutely stunning and would take very minimal effort to spruce up.

The kitchen is a simple design but quite functional, with granite countertops and hardwood flooring. There are modern stainless steel appliances that are surrounded by enough wooden cabinets to hold all the items you need, according to the listing on Realtor. The bathrooms are dated but can definitely serve their purpose while you take your time to possibly remodel. Each bedroom has plenty of windows so that you get all the natural light flowing into the space, as well as a floor-to-ceiling sliding door that gives you easy access to the outside patio. Although spending over a million dollars for a home that needs a fair bit of design work seems a little iffy, just wait until you see the priceless views that this home has to offer.

The views from this oceanfront Oregon home are unbeatable

At first glance, the decor and simplicity of this home might give some potential purchasers pause; however, it only takes one look out of any of the home's many windows to instantly fall in love. Each room has taken full advantage of the breathtaking ocean sights as they incorporate as many crystal clear windows as possible. From the living room, you get a private box-style window that gives you a full view of the ocean water as it crashes on the neighboring rocks, as per the listing on Realtor. There is even a separate entertaining room complete with its own fireplace that would be perfect for oversized comfy couches so you could lounge with a good book while listening to the rolling waters. A dressing area in one of the bedrooms has a hexagonal porthole, so you won't miss a beat while getting ready for the day.

Outside you are treated to a landscape view of the ocean like no other as the sprawling wooden deck offers views and bench seating for relaxation. But, if just staring at the wondrous water isn't satiating enough, you can stroll down the large sloping staircase to get instant private access to the beach that rests right beside the ocean. Say goodbye to lengthy car trips to the local beach and treat yourself to utter ocean serenity as you sit in the soft sands of your own Oregon oceanfront property.