Thinking Of Moving To The Beach? Here Are The Least Expensive Beach Towns In The U.S.

If the city life has you down and you long for the sounds of crashing waves, the feeling of soft sand on your toes, and having warmth sunbathe your body, then it might be time to take a permanent vacation to the beach. Maybe the thought of living on the beach could seem like it's only meant for wealthy celebrities. But before you worry that you might be breaking the bank on expensive beachside real estate, the truth is that a dramatic move to the sandy shoreline might be more affordable than you think.

There are many factors that could make living the beach life even more appealing. A study done by the University of Exeter found that those who live closer to the coastline have improved mental health when compared to those who live more than 50 kilometers away from the water. When living less than a kilometer away from these beachy areas, subjects seem to have a healthier mental attitude, which results positively when it comes to physical health and prosperity overall. Fortunately, these coastal climates aren't a far-off reality, as your dreams of living near the beach might very well be within reach. By collecting data and using a criterion that includes a sample of over 1,300 coastal towns that have more than 30 homes for sale, Realtor has crunched the numbers and found the average listing price of some of the most affordable beachside towns located right here in the U.S.

3. New London, Connecticut

New London is a nice small waterfront community located on the West side of the Thames River between Providence and New Haven. With a median home listing price of $242,392, according to Realtor, New London ranks number three among the least expensive beach towns in the United States. With a population of just over 27,000 people, this quiet little town can offer you the peace and tranquility you need without having to spend a fortune on housing. Spacious condos like this 1,200 square foot two-bedroom and two-bathroom home listed on Zillow for just shy of $270,000, have gorgeous views of the surrounding docks where you can view boats gently passing by. With direct waterfront access, you can spend your days walking around the shores of the community and taking in the sights and sounds of the seaside town.

The waterfront offers plenty of amenities and attractions perfect for modern living. A thriving restaurant scene awaits you near the docks, including pubs, coffee houses, and seafood restaurants. There are also plenty of art and nautical galleries to get your fill of local culture, per CT Visit. You can also climb aboard the Marlintini, which is a 38-foot sportfishing boat that will take you around in search of local fish life. With a low crime rate and low cost of living plus beautiful waterfront properties, the move to New London might be an easier decision than you think.

2. Deerfield Beach, Florida

If you're looking for warmer climates, then maybe the sunshine-filled shores of the south will be more attractive. Ranking number two among the least expensive beach towns in the United States is Deerfield Beach, Florida, with an average home listing price of $230,071, as per Realtor. Deerfield Beach is located smack dab in the middle of the swanky areas of Boca Raton and Pompano Beach, Florida. The tight-knit community of just over 80,000 boasts warm tropical living with plenty of southern charm. Although it might not compete with the Miami scene, this little town makes up for it with beautiful sandy beaches and a tourist draw of their extended pier, which you can check out the views via the live stream camera. Also, check out how sunny the beach is or what the underwater life is up to on other Deerfield Beach live streams. It will make you want to grab your beach towel and head right over.

If you're looking for real estate along the sunny coast, then take a look at this two-bedroom and two-bathroom condo that is listed for sale on Zillow. With surrounding waterfront views, this 820 square foot home is just 15 minutes from the sandy beach and has plenty of clubhouse amenities, including games, classes, and a gym. For unbeatable weather with tropical coastal views that won't cost you West Palm Beach prices, try picturing yourself living in Deerfield Beach.

1. Atlantic City, New Jersey

The number one least expensive beach town in the United States may not have been the first one to come to mind, but this exciting town has a lot going for it. With the median home listing for $161,754, according to Realtor, it's no wonder people would want to book it to America's Playground. Known as a tourist-filled waterfront town, Atlantic City, New Jersey, has endless ways you can spend your day. Take a walk down the extended pier that dates its construction back to 1890 and gaze at the rolling waters and endless excitement of flashing lights. If Las Vegas isn't in the cards for you, Atlantic City offers a gambler's paradise of games, casinos, and attractions that could be right up your alley.

When it comes to living in this New Jersey town, you can have your pick of cozy studio apartments that are located right on the boardwalk, steps from the beach, according to listings found on Realtor. For as low as $100,000, you can live the beach life without breaking your bank account, provided you don't need too much living space. According to Forbes, Atlantic City has come out of the pandemic with flying colors as tourists have rediscovered the local hotels, bustling nightlife, and rejuvenated sights and sounds of the city. So it might be worth it to see what life could be like living on the thrilling beachside of New Jersey's Atlantic City.