20 Dreamy Beach-Inspired Paint Colors For A Relaxing Home

If you've been dreaming of the beach even when summer is long gone, integrating coastal design into your home can offer relaxation throughout the whole year. HGTV gives a rundown of coastal style and how it can offer a casual or formal look to your home, depending on the paint colors and accessories you choose.

It's those beach-vibe colors that make a room relaxing. From calming hues of blue to the security of browns and greens, color psychology will take full effect with these beach tones. Very Well Mind offers lots of info on how color psychology works, and which colors evoke certain feelings. The colors of the beach will inspire an overall warmth and calm to any room you use them in.

Beach vibes are great throughout the entire house. The browns, blues, and greens all complement each other well. If you're ready to bring the soothing atmosphere of the ocean and the warmth of the sand into your home, check out these beach-inspired paint colors.

1. Coastal green paradise

This light colored green is enough to make you dream of palm trees along coastal roads. It's a bright and airy paint color that goes well in a beach-themed home.

2. Fun with flamingos

While pink might not readily pop into your head when you think of the beach, flamingos offer images of sandy beaches and water wonderlands. A flamingo-inspired paint color would work well in the bedroom. It's a cozy color that brings about feelings of love and happiness.

3. Gray moonlit waters

Gray may not seem like your traditional relaxing paint color, but the multi-tones of this living space give off a romantic vibe. The grays conjure images of a moonlit night on the beach, and that's definitely calming. You can go with a solid color or something patterned like the two main walls.

4. Vibrant aqua hues

When the water is clear, you can see it's vibrant hues, like the reflection of the blue sky mixed with the green seaweed and brown sand. Whether these turquoise walls remind you of a day at the beach or lounging poolside, they're sure to make any room in the house more relaxing and cozy.

5. Pale aqua hues

If you love the color turquoise, but you want something more subdued, look for a pale hue. Not only does this lighter shade of aqua look beautiful, but the worn painting style on the wood walls gives it a rustic beach house feel. Every time you're in this room you'll feel like you're on vacation.

6. Sunsets on the lake

Beachy coral colors add a relaxing look, with an air of sunsets on the beach. Not only is it beachy on its own, but it pairs well with turquoise and other watery colors.  

7. Swimming in the deep blue

This lush blue hue is reminiscent of ocean waters as you swim out into the deep. Combining tan and brown accents adds to the beachy feel. If this rich paint color is too much for you, consider using it on an accent wall.

8. Beachy beige

Sand comes in all sorts of beige and tan tones. This beige living room offers a simple, yet elegant look. With the right décor, you'll feel as though you're lounging on the beach each time you lie down on the couch.

9. Still waters run deep

No two lakes look exactly the same; they can have different hues depending on what time of day you're visiting the beach. This grayish-blue bedroom gives off all of the calming vibes you'd want in your place of rest. The color even matches the blues in the crashing waves of the picture hanging above the bed.

10. A foggy day on the beach

Picture, if you will, a foggy night at the beach. The echo of the greens from the water and the trees gives the fog a greenish-gray color. Whether as an accent wall or covering the entire room, the muted green is full of quiet, beachy relaxation.

11. Bring the dunes indoors

Bring the sandy dunes indoors with this peachy beige paint color. It's a simple color that will tie in well with any of your beach décor. A lighter color, it will also make any room you use it in look bigger and more open.

12. Sunbathing in the afternoon

This yellow accent wall screams warmth and relaxation. Painting the entire bedroom this vibrant yellow would be a little too much sunshine, but the single wall gives the space a burst of color that would pair well with beach décor. It also makes for a bright yellow bedroom that can double as a creative space.

13. Cool clear water

If you want a traditional blue paint color for your beach-vibes, this striking bright blue is the perfect watery companion. This is a universal color that would look good in any room of the house.

14. Shell-like off whites

Beach themes don't have to be all about the colors that pop. This grayish, off-white living room breaths calmness and leaves the room bright and airy. 

15. Luxurious white sands

The pale tan tone of this wall gives you the feeling of warmth you get walking through white sands on the beach. It's another simple and elegant design that works well with a beach theme.

16. Dreamy pale accent walls

Accent walls don't have to be vivid, loud colors. This pale turquoise wall adds a bit of dreamy color to a studio apartment. The watery addition keeps the room bright and open. 

17. Crisp blue waters

This crisp and bright blue color will make you feel like you're sleeping on the water. The color is vivid, but offers a calming and relaxing atmosphere.

18. A mix of beach hues

Consider combining some of your favorite beach hues for a creative accent wall. The yellows, blues, and browns on this striped accent wall feel like a warm summer day.

19. Sunny days

The creativity-inspiring yellow in this room makes it feel like you're sitting outside on the beach instead of stuck indoors. It's the perfect paint color for a living room or home office.

20. Palm trees and mermaid dreams

This delightfully green accented room feels like a place mermaids would hang out when on land. The bright greens are very dreamy and fresh.