40 Home Offices You'll Definitely Want To Work In

Work can't get done unless you're in a relaxed space where you can focus — it's rather challenging to be productive in any room with rumbustious family members. This is the reason many people set up a home office. A residential office can be created to accommodate most lines of work, whether you're a designer, business person, or salesperson. Whatever your line of work may be, your office space also needs to be created with design elements you adore.

Designing a home office that you believe is beautiful is essential in promoting workflow efficiency and productivity, according to ATI Decorative Laminates. A lackluster design can diminish your overall mood and drive when trying to complete important projects. There are multiple factors to consider when creating a home office, such as storage, lighting, organization, seating arrangement, and more, per Real Homes. Choosing a design best suited for your residential office space can be stressful, so we've compiled a list of several décor ideas to draw inspiration from.

1. Neutral glory

This neutral home office is a perfect balance of beige and grays that have been complemented with wood and cement materials.

2. Simply feminine

This home office has delicate features such as the white chair and light-colored wood. The femininity of the flowers and bright colors draw you in, and the lights hanging from the ceiling act as a way to declutter the space.

3. Client friendly

This large, contemporary office is bright and welcoming for those who handle clients. The extra seating in front of the desk offers space for the visitors to sit and have business-related discussions. 

4. Feature wall

This home office has a blue feature wall that is used to organize storage items as well as the seating arrangement. Having a feature wall may be the easiest way to organize your office accessories if you want them to be the central focus of the room.

5. Hidden storage

Improperly storing important documents and other items can be a major eyesore. This design uses white storage units that conceal everything while prohibiting attention and curiosity from visitors because of its neutral color.

6. Natural light

Natural light can do wonders for any room, but especially for one that has dark walls. Having access to a large inflow of natural light can expand your design capabilities and eliminate the worries of creating in a dull, cramped space.

7. Built-in shelves

Built-in shelves constructed up to the ceiling will help make your home office feel taller, well-ventilated, and more expansive. It's a great way to display some of your most precious items in an organized manner.

8. Keep it simple

This home office is relatively simple but stunning as well. The two soft-toned colors balance well against the wall, providing an excellent background for the warm-toned furniture to stand out.

9. Warm contemporary

This contemporary home office is warm but also has a European flair as the soft herringbone pattern glides across the floor.

10. Office for two

Those who need a home office for two might enjoy this design; even with minimal space, this layout is possible. This simple yet functional and symmetrical design will allow a couple or roommates with different occupations to enjoy their respective businesses. 

11. Modern décor

This home office is small yet strategically designed to give off a modern look. The décor items are placed to stand out against the gray wall, creating a rheumatic design that can inspire creativity or impress any visitor who walks into the space. 

12. Bigger desk more space

A long desk that spreads across a wall works well for storage and leaves just enough space to give the home office an open-floor layout. 

13. Traditional design

This office was designed with traditional furniture and décor, giving it a classic elegant look. The interior experts included an eclectic rug and gray wallpaper to add some interest.

14. Black and white

This home office is a perfect balance of black and white, creating a harmonious design. Almost every décor element and furniture piece has both colors attributed to it to ensure that the layout appears complete.

15. Green is a powerful color

According to 99Designs, the color green can be used to create a space that can make you feel calm, relaxed, and even serene. This is especially important if your work is particularly stressful.

16. Library

Add a touch of sophistication by adding an extensive library in your home office. Here, you can really show off your reading habits or expertise by revealing your past studies and interests.

17. Light and airy

This office space has few items and décor elements, which creates a less dense environment that is more open for movement. The choice of drapery is also excellent, as it provides subtle privacy but plenty of soft, filtered light.

18. Get creative

Don't have a spare room for a home office? Well, that can be solved by finding a creative space, such as under the staircase, to create an environment that's still away from loud areas like living rooms and kitchens.

19. Professional wardrobe

This home office design is perfect for those who are always on the run. Instead of scrambling to your bedroom, you can turn around and pick your desired shirt and suit for the day before heading out for your business meeting.

20. Elements of nature

When stuck in your home office all day, it'd be wise to include different elements of nature for a feeling of freshness. Items such as plants, wood décor, and artworks depicting the great outdoors can change the vibe and theme of your office space. 

21. Window treatments

Window treatments can elevate any design, adding character to the layout. These yellow window treatments really pull out the color seen in other décor items throughout the space, brightening the home office even though the floor and walls are gray.

22. Show off your sophisticated side

This home office screams sophistication as it's adorned with a deep brown color that can be seen in the marble flooring, heavy drapery, and the walls, which feature decorative motifs. 

23. Spice it up with wallpaper

The distressed world map wallpaper is excellently merged into this room as the background color is similar to the wall shade across it. It adds interest to the room along with the uniquely tiled floor.

24. Attic home office

If you lack space on the lower levels of your home, it can be tangible to convert your attic into a home office. Depending on your design, the area could be more prominent while having more access to natural light — privacy is also a plus.

25. Industrial design

This home office is true to the nature of contemporary, industrial interiors. The concrete wall, metal table, and windows are all used to create a rough appearance but are also designed to have a modern impression for a more professional look.

26. Contrast

If your furniture is all black or entirely white, it would be wise to have them against a brightly colored wall to create contrast. This ensures that the room doesn't blend too much, creating a delicate, muddy design.

27. Light fixtures

Every décor item in your home office will determine the overall look. This light fixture and wide window have helped push this room towards a contemporary, modern layout with clean, straight black lines.

28. Space to relax

Adding space to relax and wind down during your break is a good idea if you primarily work from home and are stuck in your office for a good portion of the day.

29. Incorporate the office into another space

Those who live alone in a quiet space can incorporate their home office into a living room, kitchen area, or covered balcony. This is a quick and easy solution for people with minimal room.

30. Get that vitamin D

Floor-to-ceiling windows are an absolutely stunning way to receive full sun exposure in any room. This can be especially great in a home office where extra energy is desired. These functional and décor elements can improve your working hours, increasing productivity. 

31. Open shelves

Built-in shelves can be pretty pricey. An alternative would be open shelves that can be used to hold books or decorative pieces. Layering them instead of installing them next to each other can create an impactful design.

32. Partition

Some may have to bring clients to their home office but also require privacy of their paperwork. Constructing a partition like this one between your desk and where the client is sitting is a great way to achieve your desired privacy.

33. Different textures

This home office has different textures, such as wood, drywall, leaves, and metal. These different textures create a rhythm that keeps the viewer's eyes moving from one thing to another, creating a dynamic design.

34. Work with what you have

Have a beautiful desk you don't want to get rid of, but it's too large for your home office? Angling such desks in the middle of the room is fine as long as you have room to walk around. Having space for additional storage is also a plus if you can fit it in.

35. Artful storage

Storage can be created to be the centerpiece of your home office. Using the mixture of open and box shelves can be placed in a particular pattern or design that you believe is organized yet creative.

36. Vintage design

Those who love vintage décor can implement the pieces dear to them into their home office design. Adding other furnishings such as vintage desks, chairs, and drapery will help complete the overall design and give you that early 1900s look.

37. Monochromatic

Monochromatic designs are always stunning. It's also easy to achieve, as all you really need to do is choose your desired hue and pick furnishings and paint colors that are of different shades and textures.

38. Chic design

This home office is so chic it screams "Gossip Girl" vibes. The dynamic crystal chandelier, ballet painting, curved chair, and mirror desk are all beautifully combined to create a glamorous design.

39. Under-cabinet lighting

Under-cabinet lighting, especially LED strips, is a great tool to highlight décor items as well as awards or any other work-related accessories you would like to put the spotlight on.

40. Recycle

Instead of throwing away items you don't use anymore, think of creative ways to reuse them. This ladder was wisely repurposed as a shelving unit for papers and books.