Check Out This Connecticut Mansion Featuring A Full Bar And Massive Library

It's common for average houses to get put on the market every day. What's not common are mansions that resemble castles. However, that's exactly the case for this estate located in Connecticut. On the market for $39 million, per Sotheby's, this home is anything but ordinary. Built in 2001, this historic-looking home sits on 8.23 acres and features a number of outdoor extravagances, including a pool, batting cage, outdoor kitchen, and a garage that can fit an average of five cars.

Not to be left out, the interior is just as impressive while being 18,954 square feet in size. Like any home, this two-story mansion features all the primary rooms, including a living room, kitchen, dining room, and more. However, this home includes eight bedrooms, nine full-sized bathrooms, and four half bathrooms. Additionally, all these rooms are so big that they can be separated into even more rooms. Elsewhere within the house resides an elevator, a full bar, a dance studio, and a library. Like with most castles and mansions, this estate has it all.

A massive pool is just one of the many exterior features

Located to the side of this incredible mansion is a stunning inground pool. Per Zillow, this pool is heated, 75-foot-long in size, and has a mosaic bottom. Surrounding this pool is a ton of patio space that features several lounge chairs, some tables, and a few shaded umbrellas. Nearby, a pool house is located that has all the necessities one might need, including a full-sized kitchen with appliances and a full-sized bath. Aside from the kitchen located in this pool house, there is also one located outdoors on the property that includes a grill, rotisserie, and a pizza oven.

There are many other notable exterior features as well. For starters, in order to even access this property, one must go through the long locked gated entrance. With a house this impressive, it's no surprise that there are a lot of security measures in place. Additionally, the batting cage is perfect for anyone to practice any sport they desire, and there are several more acres of empty space, providing one to build and turn this property into anything they want.

The standard rooms are just as impressive

Of course, even with mansions, there are rooms that every home must-have. Yet the ones located in this home are jaw-dropping. For starters, the kitchen is anything but ordinary. According to Zillow, for the most part, this room is white in color that features marble floors and bright walls, cabinets, and granite counter space. However, there are other areas in this room that include brown wooden and black colors as well. The cabinets located in the center island and those on the backside consist of these colors, which bring a darker and more cozy feel to the room.

In another area of this gigantic home resides the family room. As fate would have it, this isn't your ordinary living room either. For starters, there is a separate smaller area of the living room located off to the side where the fireplace is located. There are a few chairs located within this modular room, providing for a more intimate setting. The living room itself, however, is massive in size. Two large long gray couches are the focal point, with a unique multi-layered glass table sitting in between. A different shade of gray along with a white color are featured on the rug located under this table.

A bar and a library office

Located within the living room but separated on two ends is where the bar is, via Zillow. Each side of the bar is built identical to the other. On the far left side, this bar seems to be mostly used for looks as there are decorations and an empty counter space. However, the right side appears to be where the magic happens. Instead of decorations, these shelves are full of different types of alcohol that one can imagine. In addition to this, this counter space features bar stools as well, providing space for those in need of a drink.

Located nearby, this home also includes a massive office that easily doubles as a library. Directly in the center, but off to one end, is where the big desk is located. However, located at the other end is a fireplace and two chairs with an end table providing comfort for readers. The bookshelves wrap around the entire room and stretch up to the second store. The walls, shelves, and desk are brown in color, providing a very calm feel to this impressive room. A few small windows reside on each side, providing a little bit of natural light to the room.