Is It Worth It To Buy Furniture From Anthropologie?

You may have given up on looking through the typical furniture stores as you search for that one perfect item. As a result, you may turn towards your more unconventional options, such as Anthropologie. This store sells it all, including clothing, shoes, accessories, candles, beauty items, outdoor items, and furniture, according to Anthro Living Home. Since its founding in 1992, Anthropologie has grown to have 200 stores worldwide, generating about $850 million in sales last year, according to EcommerceDB. Although their trendy furniture and decor may fit the aesthetic you are looking for, there are a few possible issues that have been brought up, and you may want to research first to save yourself hundreds of dollars.

Reviewed believes there are a few things to consider before purchasing furniture from Anthropologie. They allege the furniture quality, high prices, and stories of infestations are reasons to do your research before smacking down thousands of dollars on a bed frame and headboard. You may be surprised that sometimes high furniture prices don't necessarily mean longevity or quality.

High price, but lacks the proper quality

If you pay over $1,000 on a furniture piece, it's reasonable to think that it will last you a long time. However, Reviewed alleges there have been reviews claiming that although the furniture purchased from Anthropologie was absolutely beautiful, the quality didn't last a long time, and the furniture wasn't as comfortable as expected. A few Anthropologie reviews on Houzz indicated that although the quality isn't the best, it is more accessible than other stores that sell similar furniture for a much higher price.

Most of the furniture from Anthropologie may be too pricey for most customers. However, they do have a sales section that contains furniture pieces, as well as limited-time offers, wedding registry discounts, and free shipping for orders over $50, per Anthropologie. So depending on the quality and price you are looking for, Anthropologie may either not seem that appealing or have everything that you've imagined as you work to design your home to perfection.

A homeowner's worst nightmare

After buying a furniture piece for a few grand, the last thing on your mind would be a possible infestation problem. However, Reviewed alleges there are stories of customers purchasing furniture from Anthropologie that was infested with termites. It's dreadful to think that if not caught quickly, the termites may transfer to some part of your home to chew on. This is something to be aware of, as termites have the ability to damage the foundation of your home, crack your walls, and cause other damages, according to Taps Termite.

Might Mike Termite Services says that to avoid a termite infestation, you need to buy furniture with the right material. They recommend purchasing furniture made of heartwood-grade lumber. This type of wood comes from the middle section of a tree, which is a very strong wood that termites cannot chew through. Furniture made of cork is also a great option, as it wards off termites and resists being covered by mold or mildew.