You Can Stay In A Vermont Airbnb That's Straight Out Of The Flintstones

For many of us, "The Flintstones" was a hilarious childhood cartoon we enjoyed as we imagined ourselves using our feet to drive a car made of sticks and stones. This cartoon was released in 1960 and featured two Stone Age families living a modern-ish lifestyle, according to IMDB. Luckily, fans can enjoy an Airbnb in Sandgate, Vermont, to get a taste of what living in a cave is like, according to Airbnb. This cave-like home is located in the woods and features design elements that will continuously make you feel like part of "The Flintstones" family.

This home is currently priced at about $270 per night, and the property and host have a total of 185 reviews, which in total has given the Airbnb a five-star rating. Also, this Airbnb isn't just used as a vacation spot, but it can also be a relaxing area to work if you just want to get out of the city. Let's take a step back in time and check out the fun features of this property.

The beautiful outdoors

This Airbnb is about 900 square feet and sits in a beautiful spot in the woods, according to Airbnb. There are several domes whose design appears cave-like that are connected together to offer guests privacy. The property is also connected to a beautiful stone cottage with amazing architecture — which has a neutral design so as to not take away from the beauty of the domes. The property also has gardens, a meadow, outdoor gas grill, and beautiful woods and mountain views to enjoy.

The Airbnb also has stone walls and steps to find and enjoy the perfect spot to relax and soak in the nature around it. If you want to take a walk, the property also has 10 acres of land to explore the varieties of flowers and animals that surround it. If you'd like to go out further, the Battenkill River is a three-minute walk, where you can enjoy a plethora of activities, such as swimming, fishing, kayaking, and canoeing.

Beautiful design features

Although the exterior appears to be pulled out of the Stone Age, the interior is beautifully designed to create an updated version of ancient cave homes, according to Airbnb. As you make your way inside through the white shiplap door with black accents, you're first met with a rustic, black, wood-burning fireplace to keep you warm during the colder winter months. There is also a small side table nearby that is made entirely of wood material, appearing as though it was hand-made.

As you continue to walk through the property, you'll notice a quaint kitchen with a very traditional backsplash, which is made up of light terracotta stones (which is also seen on the floor) and a vintage grape design behind the sink. There is a simple gray countertop to create contrast, while the white cabinets bring brightness to the space. To add a bit of a whimsical design, the owner has placed a black rug in front of the sink, designed with a colorful, floral print. A creative element design seen throughout the home are the windows, which are carved out irregularly to perpetuate the cave design.

Live like a modern cave person

Although this Airbnb appears as though it's been transported from the Stone Age, the living quarters are quite comfortable, according to Airbnb. The bedroom is a bit small but is also big enough to comfortably fit a queen-sized bed. There are two large windows present that are covered with a white window treatment, which allows a soft glow of sunlight to illuminate the room as the light bounces off the white walls. For convenience, there is a built-in nightstand next to the bed, made of a white material so as to not stand out from the walls.

The bathroom nearby is also a sight to see, as it's made up of a stone-like material, shiplap, and drywall — which is painted mint green. The sink is designed adorably, as it has a base that looks like a small tree trunk, with a black countertop and a glass vessel sink with a green tinge. This bathroom has a bathtub, as well as a standup shower where a VW bug skylight brings in a bit of natural light. Although this Airbnb appears to look like a home from "The Flintstones," it still has a touch of sophistication with its overall balanced design.