5 Paint Colors That Go Well With A Red Couch

Have you been searching for the perfect paint color to match your red couch? It could be that you aren't sure which one would complement it best, or that you don't want anything to distract from this important statement piece. Maybe it's simply time for a change, and you're looking for that new and invigorating option to really turn the living space around. Whatever the reason for this endeavor, picking a paint shade for your red couch can be an exciting task. There are a variety of colors that match this vibrant hue, and you can explore the options to find what's ideal for you.

Choosing the best paint comes down to understanding your interior design and overall theme. You also want to note the shade of your upholstery to determine what hues will contrast nicely. According to Curated Interior, decorating with red furniture is an excellent way to bring an elegant yet charming atmosphere into your home. There are many paint shades that can help transform a living room into a welcoming, cozy respite, and the following suggestions will really make that crimson couch pop.


Teal is a lavish color that can make any space feel stylish and refined. Because of the richness of the hue, using it to complement a red couch will yield incredible results. Blues are considered cooler colors, which bring a relaxing, calming vibe with them. Offsetting this frequency with a warm couch will create a backdrop and foreground worthy of a magazine spread. According to Home Decor Bliss, incorporating teal accents will pull both colors through the space, blending the paint with the red couch into an ideal union.

Depending on the shade of your fabric, choose a wall shade to match. For example, if the couch is deep red, use a rich teal to anchor the lavish atmosphere. If it is a lighter material, try to match a paint hue that won't overpower it, but, instead, coexists in equal measure. Simplicable offers 18 different shades of teal to consider on their website, meaning you aren't limited by just one tone. To pick the best option before painting, bring home swatches to compare to your couch.


While teal can create an exotic and elegant vibe within the room, navy blue has a similar effect with a slightly different result. Navy is associated with sophistication, but can also produce conservative emotions, according to Lifewire. With this in mind, you can build a room that is equal parts lavish and mature, using the red couch to offset the more serious paint shade. This will give your space structure without making it feel unapproachable. The charm of the red couch lifts up the mood, while the navy offers a sturdy backdrop.

You can either opt for an accent wall, or paint the entire area a dark blue. If it starts to feel too heavy, add in lighter accents to brighten it up. Creams and whites go well with both colors, so don't be afraid to add in neutral tones. Mixed metals can also blend with this combination, and act as a clean texture within the furniture collection.


This option might be obvious, but that doesn't mean it's boring or run-of-the-mill. In fact, white is an excellent way to make your red couch pop, and create an inviting atmosphere for family and friends. If you prefer a more minimalistic aesthetic, you might prefer to leave the sofa as a focal point and simplify the backdrop around it. Use crisp, clean white paint to create a neutral base, and add different shades of beige, cream, and even tan as accent pieces to pull the wall color through. Let the couch command the stage, and use the walls to bolster it.

If you want your living area to feel bright and open, white is the perfect way to achieve that. The Lauren McBride Blog notes that this paint option also gives you the opportunity to incorporate other colors and themes because it's so versatile. You can keep the palette neutral, or add in bits of black to produce a retro feel that engages the senses. Don't limit yourself to just using reds — push the boundaries of the white walls and red couch with fun and eclectic accents.


If you lean towards a more eclectic aesthetic, or want brightly colored rooms throughout your home, why not explore a tangerine paint? Paired with a red couch, this color can create an immersive and engaging theme that gives a room vibrance and welcoming allure. Interior designers at Decoholic deem this shade a seductive option with fiery energy. They suggest using it with creamy accents or lighter wood materials.

A deep red couch will contrast with the tangerine tones, adding a bolder splash of color in the room. If you want to incorporate similar oranges throughout the space, use varying shades for throw pillows and other décor, then even everything out with cream or beige accents. While this loud and intense combination may seem daunting, it actually produces a unique aesthetic that speaks to your creativity and confidence. If you were born under an astrological fire sign, these colors are perfect for tuning your personality into a space while making it engaging, eye-popping, and cozy.


Using a neutral paint color to embolden your already vivacious red couch is the perfect solution for someone who straddles minimalist and eclectic décor. Gray is known for being a safe choice when it comes to interior design, and offers homeowners the chance to change things up whenever they want. It is versatile because it works with every other color, and can easily adjust to any aesthetic.

When it comes to additions and accents, choosing gray tones that facilitate a good aesthetic is important. According to Sharper Impressions Painting, neutral shades of gray that have undertones on the warmer side of the spectrum are ideal when paired with a warm colored couch. Perhaps a greige (gray mixed with beige) is the best way to go. Alternatively, for a stronger sense of grounding throughout the space, you can opt instead for charcoal tones to deepen the walls and amp up an existing statement piece like your red couch.