3 Rugs To Pair With A Red Couch

A red couch is definitely a statement in any living room or lounge space. Whether it's a chic red leather sofa or a soft and cozy upholstered couch you can sink into, it will have a major impact and give your room some real character. But what about the other furnishings in your room? How do they fare alongside the bold primary color you've introduced?

Rugs in particular, when placed in front of or underneath your couch, really need to pair well with the large piece of furniture sitting on top of them. The color, pattern, and texture are all very important considerations. Faber's Rug Co. states that, in general, light colored couches pair well with darker rugs, and lighter rugs match up well with a contrasting dark couch. With that in mind, the shade of red becomes important when deciding on a dark or light colored rug.

If you have a spacious, light, and airy room, then you could go all out and expand on the red theme to give your room or seating area a real pop. But if your room is smaller, or you think a red rug would be too imposing alongside the red sofa, you'll need to consider some other colors or styles.

Monochrome with hints of red

If using red for both a couch and an entire rug seems like too much, Into the Wash says that red sofas look best paired with neutral tones or simple patterns. You could try a modern black and white rug with hints of red instead. This will keep things sleek and stylish while still tying the two pieces together.

The Ladole Rugs Moda Collection in black, grey, white, and red from Walmart is a perfect example of how monochrome base colors can complement a red couch, while the red accents cohesively tie the whole look together. You can also go for plain black, which has the added benefit of hiding any dirt in high traffic areas. However, black is another bold choice which could seem a little oppressive, unless it's used in a large room. A smaller room with lighter foot traffic could benefit from a monochrome rug that's favored more towards white than black, to help it stand out and keep the mood light and uplifting.


Here's a style choice that would make a statement on top of a statement. Not for the faint hearted, a bold red couch with a highly colorful, floral area rug can look amazing if done right. There are so many types of floral rugs, including soft pastels, bright and vivid colors, delicate flowers, or big audacious blooms. Really, it comes down to personal choice.

According to designers at Maison Flâneur, opting for a highly patterned rug, such as a bold floral, is a way to bring texture into the room and create warmth. They also comment on how a rug with a deeper pile can bring with it a snug, homey feel, which would be especially effective when trying to soften the look of a red leather couch.

This Florence rug from iRugs is a particularly bold choice. It is highly patterned with a black background that really stands out. Because of the different shades of red in the pattern, it's an option that would suit a number of couches in various shades.

Grey tones

Grey is known to pair well with red. Livingetc suggests that a spicy orange-red couch will match with a cool grey rug, especially if the grey has red undertones. Bright red sofas will look stunning sitting on a darker charcoal grey. A way to bring the two together would be to add some pops of white, perhaps with white or very pale grey cushions arranged on the couch, which will complement everything perfectly. The dark grey natty shaggy rug from OnBuy has a sumptuous deep pile and will help to soften up the bolder tones.

For a deep ruby red couch, those jewel tones would look best with a pale grey rug. This pebble wool rug from Dunelm would work well below a vivid ruby couch by bringing a lighter, brighter feel to your seating area. Also, according to British Wool, wool rugs and carpets are easy to clean and maintain. They are resistant to stains, and most spills will come up with just water and carpet cleaner. Even mud vacuums right out of the fibers.