3 Rugs To Pair With A Beige Couch

Beige can be found in different shades but is generally a combination of gray, yellow, and brown (via Color Meanings). The color brings about feelings of safety, calm, and relaxation. It's also associated with cleanliness, which is why it's been a huge part of minimalist decor. As a neutral, beige usually acts as a background color. So when a key piece of furniture, like a couch, is beige, it opens up the decor possibilities instead of limiting them (via Livingetc).

Decorating around a beige couch can be very fun. The color is so versatile that you can go in the direction of other neutrals, dark colors, or patterns; you can also mix up these options for a unique look. From the throw pillows to the curtains, everything design-wise can build off of the neutralness of a beige couch.

Another design element in many rooms is the rug, and since it's often placed next to the couch, it needs to be carefully considered when choosing a color or pattern. Here, we recommend three ways to go when pairing your rug with your beige couch.

1. An abstract design

This round rug has an intricate, abstract design inspired by antique Persian rugs. It has many colors, with yellow, beige, and black being the dominant ones. Since this rug has streaks of yellow — which as MYMOVE notes, has the capacity to replicate sunshine — its brightness stands out and can support the calmness of a beige couch instead of clashing with it. The presence of black also balances the color scheme by adding contrast.

While the beige couch is clean and plain, the rug adds some style because it tells more of a story. An abstract design, such as the one above on the right, can also add some more visual interest to a room. Another benefit of a multicolored rug is that you can use it as a guide when picking other accessories for the space, per Luxe Weavers. Choosing accessories that pull from the colors of the rug will help in tying the whole room together — beige couch and all.

2. A neutral green

Did you know that green is the "most restful" color for the eye? According to MYMOVE, this peaceful aura is the result of green being a combination of blue's restorative nature and yellow's brightness. Neutral colors like sage green have grown in popularity as decor has become more about subtlety and connecting with nature. Interior design experts at Woman & Home explain how versatile sage is and how easily it can fit into any design style.

This sage and cream rug (above left) has a simple, modern design that will pair very well with a beige couch. Cream is a color similar to beige, and sage matches both, so there is a simple cohesion among all three neutrals you can work with. Beige and cream can also bring some warmth to sage, which may need that balance since the color can feel cold at times, per Woman & Home.

3. Beige on beige

Make beige the dominant theme. Decorating a living room and trying to match all the colors can be a lot. A monochromatic or one-color room, on the other hand, makes it easy to choose items for your space since your options are limited. Your beige rug will pair with your beige couch, which will match your beige window treatments, etc.

It also frees you up to focus on other aspects of design, like form, shape, and texture. When you're thinking more about texture, for example, you can create more interest and depth with your pieces, says Modsy. This plush beige rug (above left) comes in a variety of sizes and adds texture to the space with its faux fur.

According to MYMOVE, neutral colors like beige add comfort, calm, and warmth to a space. White and other light colors are known for opening up a room and making it feel more spacious than it is, which is why beige is a great color for a monochromatic living room.