5 Tips For Choosing The Right Kitchen Cabinet Style For Your Space

Your choice of kitchen cabinets can either make or break the overall design. In fact, many interior experts agree that getting the kitchen cabinetry right is among the most important decisions you can make for the aesthetics of the kitchen interior. However, with the many colors, and design options available today, narrowing down on the right kitchen cabinet style can get overwhelming and confusing quite fast. According to Kurtis Kitchen & Bath, the kitchen area is one of the busiest rooms of the home, where the family gathers to prepare and share meals. Therefore, be sure to put together a durable and lavish space that your family will love spending time on.

The functionality and the aesthetics of the kitchen area largely depend on your choice of kitchen cabinets, so it is critical not to rush in the decision-making and explore different options as well. To save you from a lot of guesswork, here is a detailed breakdown of some of the cabinet styles ideal for every kitchen.

Shaker style cabinets

Shaker cabinets have been around for a while yet they are arguably the most popular for the right reasons. First, this style features limited adornment ideal for a classic and timeless vibe. What's more, the shaker style is also quite durable and complements most kitchen designs today. While the shaker design has gone through different transformations, one grounding factor that has remained unchanged over the years is the cabinets drawers, and doors. The design detail features a flat surface with a sunken or recessed piece in the center.

A lot of interior designers love the ice white color that perfectly fits with almost every interior kitchen design, from traditional to contemporary. Fortunately, this cabinetry design is not exclusive to the kitchen only, it is easily transferable to other rooms in your house, for instance, the bathroom and also the bedroom. There is no doubt that the shaker style is beautiful, however, as PA Kitchen and Furniture mentions, cleaning can be a headache because of the different surfaces that can hold dust.

Glass front

Glass front kitchen cabinets are a welcome addition to any interior design. It is no coincidence that most contemporary styles are finding ways of incorporating glass elements into their kitchen cabinetry. They help break the repetitiveness of solid cabinetry and help make a space feel more open. What's more, glass front cabinets give you the luxury of experimenting with lighting inside the cabinets for a more appealing and dramatic look.

While there is no specific rule for where you should use glass front cabinetry, a good place to start is with some of the wall cabinets, which are often within eye level. Remember, glass front kitchen cabinets give you the unique opportunity of displaying your prized kitchenware. Instead of hiding your ornamental plates and mugs, show them off by storing them safely behind visible glass frames, suggests WoodMaster Kitchens. Ultimately, glass front cabinets might not be for every household, but those who are comfortable displaying their kitchenware will benefit from this design detail.

Beadboard kitchen cabinets

Are you looking for a way to introduce Scandinavian design into your kitchen interior? Look no further than beadboard cabinets. Essentially, this design makes use of vertical planks with a signature indentation on them. While this design detail might not be ideal for every home, it will be a wonderful addition to a cottage or country farmhouse kitchen. The benefits of having beadboard kitchen cabinetry don't stop at interior aesthetics, according to Nelson Cabinetry, this cabinet style option will also increase your home value if you are looking to sell. 

Also, beadboard kitchen cabinets are also relatively easy to install making them a cheaper cabinet design compared to similar counterparts. However, before settling for this style of cabinetry, you should also realize that cleaning is often quite troublesome. The board paneling has small openings and crevices that are notorious for holding dust. Nonetheless, one way around this problem is to paint your cabinets with duller colors like navy or a shade of green.

Slab kitchen cabinet

Slab cabinets are common in modern kitchen designs thanks to their clean lines with no additional ornamental details like beveling. The door design is quite simple featuring a single flat panel for the front-facing doors. With many homeowners going the modern and minimalistic way, slab kitchen cabinets are a favorite, which is a far cry from several decades ago when the traditional kitchen cabinets were adorned with a lot of design elements. Generally, slab kitchen cabinets are simple to produce requiring fewer materials than other styles. 

As such, slab kitchen cabinets are also cheaper and achievable on any budget, explains Gem Cabinets. Another noteworthy advantage of this style of cabinet is that cleaning is a breeze. The flat single panel doesn't hide dirt and dust making it easy to wipe away. While this style is better suited to a contemporary modern look, slab kitchen cabinets come in a variety of finishes.

Louvered cabinets

If your intention is to add mid-century design detail while keeping everything else modern, why not consider incorporating a louvered design for your cabinet? This design features horizontal slats on the door, which, from a practical perspective, might be ideal for a pantry or for storing things that need enough ventilation. On the flip side though, louvered cabinets are a nightmare to clean because dust easily settles on the tiny spaces between the horizontal slabs. 

There is no doubt that louvered cabinets will add a touch of luxury to your home. This style of kitchen cabinets is associated with extravagance and often comes with a price tag to match, with most companies charging about $70 to $90 for every panel, per Hunt's Kitchen & Design. Nonetheless, this cabinet style will help transform the appearance of an otherwise bland kitchen, turning it into an attractive interior full of personality.