The Most Instagrammable Flowers For Your Feed

Social media is such a great way to share just about anything with those we love — everything from big vacations to fancy breakfasts make their way onto sites like Instagram, and it seems the rate of posting isn't anywhere close to slowing down. According to DataReportal, over 1.4 billion people are members of Instagram, and while obviously not all of those accounts are regularly active, it does paint quite the picture of just how active the app is and how integrated it is into our daily lives. 

As the seasons change, there is always new inspiration out there when you're looking for something to post — and we're not talking about all those pumpkin spice lattes you're about to drink. Instead, consider posting photos featuring flowers. They are incredibly Instagrammable, and there are perfect flowers for every time of year. From roses and sunflowers to some lesser-known varieties, there's plenty of flower power to add to your Instagrammable memories.  


Dahlias are beautiful flowers often found on Instagram. They are popular due to their large bloom size, intricate petals, and variety of colors, including pink, peach, and yellow. Typing #dahlia into the Instagram search bar yields over 2 million posts you can peruse for inspiration (via Instagram), including ones from gorgeous accounts like Kristine Albrecht of @santacruzdahlias.  

Dahlias tend to bloom brightest in August and September, and Long Island Dahlia has provided some great tips to get the most Instagrammable photos. What is the best time to take dahlia photos? Early morning or at dusk. Try to pick out dahlias without a lot of background noise — poles, concrete, people walking by — and focus your photo on just the flower itself. Snapping a photo from a position other than standing is also recommended. Get creative and crouch, kneel, or even lie down to get the best shot of this gorgeous, showy flower. 


Roses are arguably the most popular flower on Instagram. A search for the hashtag #roses yields over 30 million search results (via Instagram). This feminine flower is popular with the accounts of plenty of posters on Instagram but is also prominently featured at weddings, birthday photos, personal garden bloggers, and more. Roses come in many colors and styles; it's no wonder everyone loves them. 

To take Instagram-worthy pictures of roses, Peerspace suggests avoiding direct sunlight. Overcast days work greatly in your favor when it comes to rose photography, and so does being an early bird — roses look their best first thing in the morning. A final tip? Fill the entire frame with the flower whenever possible. Whether it's one large rose going solo or a bundle of blooms on a rose bush at sunrise, the fuller and more zoomed-in the photo, the more Instagrammable it tends to be. 


It seems as if sunflowers have been photo-worthy since the dawn of photography, but their popularity has definitely ramped up on platforms like Instagram. These summer blooms are ideal for photos not just because they're beautiful but because their huge size allows for a lot of creativity. The Instagram account @sunflowers_heaven has some unique photography ideas, including sunflowers half-submerged in water or playing host to a monarch butterfly. 

To get your own Instagrammable photos, grab your kids or friends and head out to a local sunflower field at dawn or dusk. Make sure to have permission first — a quick search online can usually help you locate a public space near you, as opposed to a private farm that might not be so happy to see you. Choose white, black, pale green, or dark yellow clothing. Or, bring the sunflowers inside and tie them into bundles with a brown silk ribbon for a post-worthy romantic bouquet. Sunflowers are timeless and beautiful, and summer wouldn't be the same without a post on Instagram featuring them. 


Tulips are such a happy springtime flower, and it's easy to share them on your Instagram in a variety of ways. Perhaps you're fortunate enough to be gifted a bouquet of these beautiful buds, which come in an impressive array of colors. If not, head on over to a flower shop or even a grocery store around Easter time and grab some for a beautiful dining room centerpiece. But before putting them in that vase, get inspired and do a springtime photo shoot. 

Want some nature-themed tulip Instagram shots? Scope out where some are planted in your town, and head out! According to Visual Wilderness, it's best to photograph tulips when the wind is calm — usually in the early morning. If you feel brave enough to go out when it's raining, Visual Wilderness also reminds us that tulips with raindrops make for awesome artistic photos, perfect for posting on Instagram. 


In the classic 90s rom-com "You've Got Mail," Meg Ryan's character describes daisies as the "friendliest flower" (via IMDb) — and they truly are. Who doesn't love a bouquet of these sweet flowers? Daisies have been cultivated into diverse flowers, coming not only in classic white and yellow but also purple, pink, and even blue. There are so many ways to incorporate daisies into your Instagram, many of which exude the lovely and free Bohemian vibe that photographs so well. 

Make some daisy chains like you may have done as a kid. Wear a crown of daisies and a flowy white dress. Incorporate daisies into special occasion bouquets like birthdays, weddings, or even outdoor breakfast get-togethers. One beautiful photoshoot by 100 Layer Cake shows how daisies can take a special moment like a maternity photoshoot to the next level. Never underestimate the power of this simple, easy-to-find, totally Instagrammable flower.