Tamara Warta

University Of California, Davis
Travel, Health & Wellness, Home Decor
  • Tamara is a contributor to the House Digest News team.
  • She has written for USA Today Online, LovetoKnow.com, Activity Hero, Everyday Health and California Local. She has also written for the print publications Style Magazine, the Natomas Journal and Government Technology Magazine.
  • Tamara has written for many web and print publications, including USA Today, Love to Know, Activity Hero, Everyday Health, and California Local. Her novel, Those Little Dark Nights, and her children's book, Imaginator Sam Runs Away to the Zoo, are both available on Amazon. She is the founder of the Royal Stage Christian Performing Arts, a dance theater non-profit for children and women.


Tamara M. Warta is a writer and performing artist based in Northern California. She currently specializes in writing about home décor, care, and design. Together with her husband, she has two children, Samuel and Charlotte. Tamara has visited over 20 countries and is always ready for her next adventure.


Tamara has a bachelor's degree in English and Religious Studies from the University of California, Davis.
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