15 Must-Haves To Update Your Mudroom

A mudroom, while convenient, is not necessarily a feature that's included in every home. For those unfamiliar with the term, a mudroom is usually the area you first enter when returning home. Much like any other room, this area offers many benefits. For instance, this space allows you to store items quickly after arriving home or lets you pick them up when leaving. You can also take off your shoes to prevent tracking mud and dirt throughout the house.

A mudroom can also provide a homeowner with significant organizational potential. This area provides a great way to store everyday items such as shoes, purses, book bags, and jackets – to name a few. Storage aside, some homeowners get creative. For instance, some opt to add a sink so they can wash their hands before entering the rest of the house. Others put their washing machine and dryer in this space.

Since mudrooms are incredibly versatile, you can make them into anything you want them to be. In addition, like any other area, this room will likely require an update at some point. If you're going through that process, here are 15 ideas for an upgraded mudroom.

1. Plenty of storage baskets

Of course, when updating a mudroom, one of the first things you'll need are storage baskets. Amazon sells these storage baskets for just less than $33. Sitting at 17 inches in length, they come in a variety of colors and should fit most shelves. 

2. A few coat racks

Mudrooms are a great place to store your jacket. When updating, consider installing this wall-mounted coat rack available on Amazon for less than $25. This model is a neutral white color and contains five standard hooks with space in between to allow for heavy and large jackets to be hung.

3. A new bench

Next, you might update the bench or install one if you don't have one. Amazon has this luxurious design available for less than $298. It has a bench, two storage spaces underneath, two above, and some hanging hooks. Additionally, the top is flat to provide more storage space. 

4. Hooks for purses

For those who carry purses, you'll need a place to hang these as well. Amazon has this pack of four individual wall hooks available for less than $17. Since these are separate, this can give you more space for your larger-size handbags. Displaying a wooden tone, these hooks can be installed with the included hardware. 

5. A plant or two

Like any room, this area will need some cute decor to liven it up. One way to add this is to with this plant on Amazon for just over $33. Live trees can give many benefits such as improving air quality. Just remember to give them water and sunlight as required. 

6. Cushions for the bench

Benches, as many people know, are not always comfortable to sit on. If you use your bench frequently, consider adding in this cushion on Amazon for just over $32. Coming in a neutral tone, it's super versatile, contains a non-slip bottom to prevent sliding, and is made of 67% polypropylene and 33% polyester. 

7. A few throw pillows

To go along with your stylish cushions, add in a few throw pillows as well for added comfort. Amazon has this pack of two throw pillows available for just less than $23. Made with faux fur, these pillows come in a standard white shade making them versatile enough to fit into any mudroom theme. 

8. Storage for shoes

It goes without saying that you'll need some sort of organization for your shoes. When updating, consider a simple shoe storage rack. This one (via Amazon) costs less than $25 and can house up to nine pairs. Each shelf can hold 30 pounds and it can even be stacked with other models.

9. A large mirror

Another useful touch that's welcome in any mudroom is a mirror. After all, it's nice to check your look before heading out the door. Amazon has this large oval mirror for sale for around $90. Featuring a gold frame, it spans 36 inches wide and 36 inches tall. 

10. An area rug

Consider adding an area rug if your mudroom contains a large open floor format. This can give added color and texture to the room while making it softer to walk on. Amazon has this large area rug available for just over $129.

11. A trash can

When you first enter your home, you may bring trash to throw away. Therefore, a trash can in the mudroom can be an added convenience. However, you'll likely only need a compact model such as this trash can on Amazon for nearly $38. It's an open-top model with a rustic wooden design. 

12. A new light fixture

Next, consider replacing your current light fixture. These aren't often cleaned or replaced, so a new model may be needed. Amazon sells this pendant light fixture for around $33. This flush-mounted fixture is easy to install and contains all the hardware required.

13. An organized planner

If your fridge is cluttered with to-do lists and weekly tasks, consider moving this into the mudroom. Amazon sells this weekly planner for around $36. Equipped with a whiteboard, this gadget also houses a corkboard and chalkboard. Additionally, chalk, a dry-erase maker, push pins, and magnets are included with the purchase. 

14. Rack for keys

You'll also need somewhere to hang your keys. Amazon has this nifty hanger for just over $25. Sporting a versatile black tone, this one features space for six different key sets and contains a section above with extra storage space.

15. An umbrella holder

Last but not least, when updating your mudroom, consider adding an umbrella holder. Amazon has this model for sale for almost $43. Made of plastic and iron, this standard black design contains a removable water drip tray. In addition, it can be flipped upside down to be used as a small side table.