50 Light Fixtures To Brighten Up Your Kitchen

If you've been thinking about upgrading your kitchen, then there's a wide range of ideas to consider, including what kind of lights you want in the space. However, you might not have realized how critical lighting can be to the overall look of a space. Theo Richardson, the director of development at Rich Brilliant Willing told The New York Times, "Light is a powerful thing. The right light lifts the mood, inspires productivity, and motivates us. At home, light enlivens the little things — our morning routines, or the moments we spend with friends."

With that in mind, you will need to consider if you want the lighting in your kitchen to be bold and bright or subtle and soft. You'll also want to figure out if you want fixtures that are modern and trendy or antique and unique. You may also be intrigued by designs that are colorful or clear and elegant or traditional, not to mention whether or not you prefer one large light fixture or a few smaller ones.

To help you narrow down what suits both your home and your personal style, check out the following 50 light fixtures that will brighten up your kitchen.

1. Futuristic light fixtures

If you adore designs that go beyond contemporary style and instead embrace what might be trendy years from now, then you may appreciate these futuristic light fixtures. With a sleek shape comprised of long, slim tubes, the underside of each fixture has been cut away at the ends leaving space for the light to shine down.

2. Unique 3-in-1 light fixture

At first glance, you might think there are three light fixtures in this stylish kitchen thanks to the trio of round glass globes that are darting out in different directions. However, if you look again, you'll see they're all attached to gold bars that lead back to a single rod that is attached to the ceiling.

3. Colorful dome light fixture

There are so many things to love about this seemingly simple light fixture, including the color. On top of that, it boasts a matte finish that doesn't take away from the unique coloring, a dome shape that's on the wider side, and a thin wire to keep it up but not distract from the fixture itself.

4. Antique-like industrial light fixture

With a design that gives them an antique look, these light fixtures also give off an industrial vibe. You could almost imagine them coming from an old factory or train station. At the same time, the fact that they're all attached to one bar means that this design is ideal for the center of your kitchen.

5. White paper-like light fixtures

If you take a piece of paper and make a few key cuts, bends, and folds, then you can end up with a gorgeous lantern. While the light fixtures in this striking black kitchen might not actually be made out of paper, they have the same gorgeous look as paper lanterns that have been precisely cut.

6. Simple metal chandelier

Not all chandeliers have to be ornate or overwhelming. For instance, this simple chandelier uses thin metal rods topped with unadorned bulbs. At the same time, the sheer number of branches and size of the chandelier makes it an eye-catching piece that would suit a range of kitchen styles.

7. Light fixtures with a desk lamp design

The pair of light fixtures on the wall might not be what you'd expect in a wood-filled, country-style kitchen. However, the design, which looks more like a desk lamp than a typical kitchen light fixture, would spotlight areas like the sink while flooding the surrounding space in a softer glow.

8. Reflective chrome sphere light fixtures

With unobtrusive thin white cords that hang these fixtures from the ceiling, the reflective chrome spheres are what really stand out when it comes to these lights. Beyond that, the bulbs are deep enough inside that you don't see them from a distance but instead are charmed by the glow that emerges from the bottom.

9. Light fixture with cords and glass globes

With multiple cords that each attach to the ceiling on their own, this fixture is another that gives the impression that there are plenty of lights hung together. However, all cords run back to a single spot in the center while the other end supports a clear glass globe with a sleek bulb.

10. White boxy light fixtures

One light fixture with two hanging lamps, each section of the pair is suspended by a thin metal rod that is then attached to a slim metal slat on the ceiling. The lamps themselves are white, wide, and almost cube-like except for the fact that they become larger at the bottom where the light shines out.

11. Modern saucer-shaped light fixture

What shape is better suited to a kitchen than a circular saucer? While you might associate a saucer with the kind of refined dish you use when enjoying a cup of tea, this light fixture is more modern and boasts a glowing circle of light that's suspended by three straight metal wires.

12. Light fixtures with wicker shades

If you love the look of a wicker basket or adore artistic macramé, then you might be intrigued by these hanging light fixtures. With lengthy thin black rods allowing the large light shades to be positioned rather low if wanted, the design boasts lovely thin wicker, which lets the light shine through.

13. Folded copper light fixture

The eye-catching color of this copper light fixture is surely enough to make you eager to have one in your own home. That's especially true if you happen to have other copper elements as décor. However, the fact that the metal is folded in such a beautiful way might make it utterly and understandably irresistible.

14. Ribbon-like light fixture

With thin strips that you could opt to have made of various kinds of metal or wood, each ribbon is bent and curved in to create the outer shape of the light fixture. At the same time, much of the space has been left open, with the multiple bulbs sitting in separate holders in the center.

15. Uniquely angled globe light fixtures

These light fixtures use medium-sized white globes which aren't exactly unique on their own. However, they're paired with a slim black cord that allows them to hang from the ceiling and slightly thicker rods that continue down before jutting out at an angle where they attach to the globes.

16. Long ribbed light fixtures

If you like the idea of having light fixtures that are eye-catching but also blend in with the overall style of your kitchen, then these are another fantastic option for you. While each fixture is a long cone that's flat on either end, the body of the light is a trendy dark grey that is ribbed.

17. Glass cylinder light fixtures

These cylinder-shaped light fixtures almost look like jars or vases. But instead of their being trinkets or flowers inside, these clear glass cylinders contain glowing lights with bulbs in an inner frosted case. There is also a thin metal collar near the top of each cylinder that matches the metal rods attached to the ceiling.

18. Small contemporary light fixtures

These relatively small light fixtures could make a big impact on your kitchen. That's because the design features white circular sections as well as gold hardware in a fabulous combination. While the look is quite contemporary, the fixtures would work in a range of kitchens like this one that features classic touches with a modern twist.

19. Captivating metal light fixture

If you focus your attention at the center of this light fixture, then you'll see that there are pretty typical lights inside with shades that you might find on a table lamp. However, when your eyes wander out, you'll surely be captivated by the metal frame that has both sharp angles and deep curves.

20. Long metal light fixture

This light fixture can cover a lot of space in your kitchen thanks to the fact that it's so long. Made of a single piece of metal that could either contain a lengthy LED or multiple smaller bulbs, the design would work well in a minimalist space or one that has a stylish industrial vibe.

21. Glass cone light fixtures

With a classic bulb in a black holder and held by a matching rod, these light fixtures are quite simplistic. However, they all also boast a glass cone that won't block out any light. Ideal for a contemporary kitchen, they would suit both a black and white space as well as one that's filled with color.

22. Metal accordion fold light fixtures

These light fixtures are two different sizes, which is why one can be held by a single wire while the other requires two. Both light fixtures feature thin metal strips that are attached with an attractive accordion fold. Whether you opted for one fixture or both, they would make a major impact in any kitchen.

23. Slightly peaked light fixtures

These fixtures which would work well in a sleek kitchen that relies on metal accents or one that's warmed by wood would offer plenty of light thanks to the wide, round bottoms. On the top, the shape swoops up in a slight curve that peaks where a thin rod holds each fixture to the ceiling.

24. Globe light fixtures with curved metal details

Choose light fixtures that your guests will covet by opting for these stunning clear globes. While the glass balls are alluring on their own and would suit pretty much any kitchen, the curved metal that bends over and then extends into the globes creates an added level of interest that you can't ignore.

25. Frosted and clear glass light fixtures

You don't have to choose between light fixtures that use clear glass and ones that use frosted glass. Instead, your elegant kitchen can include ones like these that are clear on top and frosted on the bottom. They also have gold pieces that bend around the outside to hold each glass shade.

26. Glass and metal pendant light fixtures

These lights combine a glass pendant with metal by surrounding the rim with a strip of chrome. The design would provide a glow from the top and bottom along with a reflective section that adds an extra shine. Seemingly best for a modern space, they're polished enough to suit a refined room as well.

27. Subtly sophisticated light fixtures

If you were to take apart an antique lamppost, then you might be left with a frame that resembles the metal shape used for these light fixtures. For this design, the areas that have been left open let out plenty of light, while the metal has slight accents at the top that make them subtly sophisticated.

28. Three light fixtures grouped as one

The light fixtures used in this minimalistic white kitchen take a straightforward design — which can be seen in the single light in the foreground — and makes it more interesting by grouping three light shades together. Each trio extends from a single source by black cables, they look striking with the circular pure white shades.

29. Copper bowl light fixtures

These light fixtures use the look of old copper bowls and transforms them into fabulous lights by flipping them over. Inside, a small bulb offers a soft glow, although you might be able to use one that's a little stronger if you wanted to add them to a kitchen with a country, industrial, or boho aesthetic.

30. Antique gold and frosted glass light fixtures

These light fixtures look like treasures that you would scoop up at an antique market. The gold pieces and frosted glass would make them stand out in any kitchen which is why you could make them a main focal point of the room or just another aspect of a wonderfully ornate style.

31. Geometric frosted light fixtures

If you love décor that uses shapes in stunning ways and appreciate artistic design, then you might be able to picture these light fixtures in your home. With shades that are frosted in different ways and featuring different-sized rectangles, they would suit a chic kitchen or a space with a posh style.

32. Large metal and frosted glass light fixtures

You may fall for these fixtures which have metal details that give them a heavier look but are lightened by frosted glass that lets off a brilliant glow. Another option that you could use in a kitchen with an industrial aesthetic, they would also likely work in any kitchen with stainless steel appliances.

33. Fully lit cylinder light fixtures

You'll surely be charmed by these fixtures that fully light up each of the clear glass cylinders. The design makes it look like there's no glass at all but merely a glow that will illuminate your kitchen. With metal rods holding them up, these light fixtures would suit any space where you like to cook.

34. Star-like light fixtures

Thanks to multiple metal triangles that each have clear glass in the center, these fixtures almost look like magical stars that would add a dreamy touch — not to mention lots of light — to any kitchen area. Inside, bulbs that look like candles light it up while a stylish chain attaches each fixture to the ceiling.

35. Wall spotlights

Spotlights can be used to create a captivating ambiance when a band is on a stage or brighten up a backyard. They can also be used in your kitchen. When attached to a wall and directed into the room at just the right angle, they can brighten up an area while also being a unique indoor lighting source.

36. Ornate clear glass light fixtures

These incredible light fixtures use a design that's both ornate and stunning thanks to the many curves and delicate details. At the same time, they use clear glass for the entire piece, which is certainly unexpected, and bulbs that have an older look. Beyond that, metal rods are used to hold them in place.

37. Metal globe light fixtures

Attractive chains are used to suspend the thin metal wires that make up these light fixtures. With bulbs that are pointed in various directions, the light will be cast all around your kitchen. Ideal for a contemporary room, you might also love the way they look in a kitchen that's filled with art or antiques.

38. Ivory and gold light fixtures

While you might expect a light fixture to feature a gold detail on the outside of the design, these place it on the inside which boasts striking reflections thanks to the cone shape that's flat on either end. The outer section of the fixtures is a lovely ivory shade that's just as classy.

39. Bell-shaped light fixtures with stunning metalwork

The curved bell-shaped glass shades on these light fixtures are certainly lovely and offer a wonderful glow. However, the rods that hold them up might almost outshine them due to the incredible metalwork. The loops, twists, and petal-like curves create a design that would look lovely in a stylish country kitchen.

40. Bold black light fixtures

These light fixtures may have a relatively simple bowl-shaped shade that only lets a glow out of the open bottom. Yet, there's no doubt that they're a bold choice thanks to their black color. Pronounced enough to suit any kitchen with a flashy style, they could also be a striking accent in a minimalist space.

41. Light fixture with a lot of flair

This light fixture definitely has a fair share of flair. Along with the clear glass sides that are curved to create a perfect circle, the edges are lined with metal and different shades of additional glass while a looped chain holds everything up. It's another statement-making piece ideal for a stylish kitchen.

42. Abstract leaf light fixtures

These light fixtures have a shade that leans towards white but also has hints of light grey or silver. Beyond that, if you look closely, what at first might seem like a totally abstract design actually resembles a closeup of lovely leaves with intersecting lines that make up the outer section of the fixture.

43. Retro-inspired turquoise light fixtures

Along with adding a splash of light to your kitchen, you can also add a pop of color to the space with these fixtures. For this chic kitchen that has retro-inspired touches, white has been used along with a turquoise tone but you could opt for any shade that strikes your fancy and suits your room.

44. Light fixture with staggered globes

This light fixture uses a pair of globes in ways that give the overall design a wonderfully unique look. Along with opting for two opaque white spheres that are different sizes, the separate globes are attached to the ceiling with their own wires while also being attached to each other with a bent black bar.

45. Cut-out light fixtures

The smoky glass that's used for these lights is fabulous while the raindrop shape is fantastic. However, it's the cut-out at the bottom of each fixture that gives them a shape that's not often seen. With their natural form that has a bit of an edge, they would be perfect for a kitchen with the same vibe.

46. Light fixtures with a combination of shapes

These four light fixtures which have been installed in a row go well together thanks to the fact that they're all made of the same material and are the same color. However, they all have their own unique look thanks to their individual and intriguing shapes which work with the modern eclectic kitchen.

47. Large disk light fixture

Affixed directly to the ceiling of a contemporary kitchen, this light fixture is a large disk that glows in the center. A thick black band surrounds the outside rim which matches other black details in the space such as the fridge and the hood over the oven but contrasts with the white aspects and natural wood.

48. Sleek curved light fixture

A stunning option if you're looking for a large light fixture, this one is also super sleek. A black bowl-shaped shade with a wide curve extends the dark color around the inside. However, beyond the slight black line, the rest of the inner section is bright white which would offer more light and a striking look.

49. Modern track light fixtures

This take on track spotlights is both modern and fabulous. With two thin tracks that create an added accent on the ceiling, the main focus of this fixture is the spotlights themselves. Attached to both tracks are pairs of black squares that contain wide round bulbs that shine the light right where you want it.

50. Ring-shaped light fixture

A wonderful contemporary design that relies on a standard shape, this ring-like fixture could also be seen as a donut shape which would definitely suit a kitchen. Of course, instead of a sweet design, this boasts a modern style that features a sharp rim surrounding the open center with a black side and white bottom.