5 Clever Ways To Store And Display Your Handbag Collection

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If your handbag collection is your pride and joy, why would they hang out in a closet or other cloistered space where no one can admire them? Finding the space to display each and every one of your favorite purses, clutches, and bags might be a daunting task, especially if you want to avoid an area looking cluttered or have a smaller area to work with. However, these fun ideas will allow you to show off your collection with the confidence of a stylist and bring them into the light for all to enjoy.

When it comes to picking a way to display your bags, you want to do some prep beforehand to decide the best option for the collection. Xupes Journal recommends stuffing each bag with scentless tissue paper or bubble wrap to help keep their shape and make them look firm, contoured, and aesthetically pleasing. This way, whenever you do choose one of the following tricks (or an alternative), the display will offer a clean appearance that rivals storefronts. Make sure each bag is wiped down and free of scuffs, marks, and stains, and your exhibit doesn't sit in direct sunlight or where moisture can collect. This will ensure each piece stays in good condition regardless of its surroundings. Your handbags are an investment, so take the time to maintain them throughout the year.

1. Acrylic dividers

A simple yet tidy way to display and store handbags is with acrylic dividers. By using these on your shelves, you can create ample space to line up purses and clutches, and it is up to you where to do it. According to Practical Perfection, you can pick from self-adhesive shelves or clip-on hooks, but the former options are a little more durable over time. You can pick from different sizes, too, depending on the area you plan to add them into. For example, if you have an open closet in a common area, place two or three of these dividers on each open shelf to create more storage space.

You can also add these to your personal closet, making it so you can see each bag or purse whenever you go inside. The dividers are better for smaller pieces since they can only hold a certain size within each section. Clutches, wallets, and smaller handbags are ideal for this option and will sit nicely inside while still being visible and accessible. The acrylic dividers are clear, too, which means your purses will be the focal point of any display.

2. Repurpose a bookshelf

While your books might take up residence on your bookshelves, this shouldn't stop you from thinking of new and inventive ways to repurpose these useful storage options. For example, ordering a bookcase for the sole purpose of displaying your handbags is one of the most ingenious ways to organize, show, and protect them. There are a variety of makes and models online or within brick-and-mortar stores that can suit this purpose, and you only need to shop around for the right size to get started with this project.

One thing to keep in mind when it comes to buying a bookshelf for your handbags is the ends of the unit. Look for shelves that offer a bar or paneling (even if it's just glass or plastic) to help support purses sitting on the borders. Opting for longer surfaces will allow you to display more pieces and adjust them to sit in a way that exhibits their fashionable builds. According to How To Wear Fashion, you can sit them front to back, place some to sit forward or angle them to show each one off.

3. Create a hook wall

If you have a blank wall or even some empty wall space, gluing several hooks at different levels can create a purse display without the need for extra furniture. The interspersed hangers will make the surface look less cluttered and allow each handbag to be seen without obstruction. Command Brand also recommends utilizing the area behind your doors, adding plastic-removable hooks or even wood and metal ones that require screws. While a wall in your living area or even hallway offers a more focal display, excess purses can be hung on doors for more storage.

Depending on your décor and designs, finding the right hook is important. In busier areas, metal options with black, gold, or silver finishings will provide a cleaner display. You can find these online or in stores like Target, Walmart, and Home Depot. Once you've picked a clear space for your handbags, place the holders above, below, and across from each other to create a fun pattern that allows each purse enough space to hang. Next, use the tip from above to stuff them so they sit nicely against the wall and produce a clean, aesthetic façade.

4. Use a wine rack

Hanging wine racks make a great holder for clutches, wallets, and smaller purses. Look for something with a rounded bottom (on each rung) that will cup the handbags and keep them from falling off. Amazon has a wealth of options that suit this exact purpose, or you can upcycle an existing rack that you already have at home. If the color or design doesn't match your aesthetic, try applying a fresh coat of paint with a different finish to change things up.

Not only will this trick save space in your closet or on other surfaces, but it is a good way to display some of your favorite clutches while keeping them in good condition. According to BuzzFeed, this savvy hack is a great decoration technique for any room. The Bextsrack Towel Rack Wall Mounted Metal Wine Rack from Amazon is just one version of the many existing purchases you can grab to try this fun display.

5. Hanging organizer

While on the topic of hanging options, you can also look at using hanging organizers to store your purses and handbags. These handy units come in all shapes and sizes, and according to Home Storage Solutions 101, they allow you to keep important items inside the pockets to protect them from dirt, dust, and daily wear and tear. More often than not, people use hanging organizers for shoes or other household articles, but they work just as well with handbags.

Look for an organizer with differently sized pockets or sections, so you can separate bigger bags from clutches and wallets. If you have a large collection, it might be worth investing in multiple hangers, then dispersing them to several different closets. Not only will your handbags be protected from the elements, but aged purse straps will remain in better condition if they don't have to hang off of a rod or hook. Instead of adding strain to the band or leather, the bag can sit nestled inside the organizer's pockets where it won't pull or stretch. When shopping for one of these units, keep in mind the size of your purses to try and find the right option for the collection.