3 Of The Best-Selling Beds At Walmart

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Finding the perfect bed at an affordable price is a challenge. This is particularly true if you are looking for something with a note of luxury and style that goes far beyond the basic framework of your mattress. Tufted and linen beds, in particular, can run up to several thousand dollars at many home retailers. If you are looking for an affordable and accessible alternative that offers comparable quality and looks to many designer and high-end beds and bedframes, Walmart is a great option. The retailer provides elevated styles with top-notch materials and budget-friendly bottom lines. 

Walmart's best-selling furniture, including beautiful and luxurious tufted bed frames, is offered in various shades to fit any décor from traditional style to modern and contemporary rooms. Walmart's tufted linen beds immediately grant a feel of grandeur and indulgence while also being practical, easy to assemble, and sturdy. Whether looking for an elegant or casual feel, Walmart has several great options with fine details and versatile style. 

Costello Fully Upholstered Queen Bed

Walmart's Costello Fully Upholstered Queen Bed, selling at $385, is perfect for bringing a sense of drama and glamour into any bedroom. The bed comes in ivory or light gray, making it ideal for several décor schemes ranging from traditional to more eclectic styles with a romantic flair. Its woven polyester with a rich linen feel is beautiful, durable, and easy to clean in a diamond-tufted pattern. The solid birch frame with slats requires no box spring and directly provides a solid mattress platform. Reviews of this popular Walmart bed tout its gorgeous profile, its quality of materials, and ease of assembly.

The Costello Tufted bed is perfect for more formally decorated rooms or casual spaces with a hint of extravagance, lending itself well to many of the most popular design styles, including traditional décor, modern farmhouse, and shabby chic. Because the bed does not have a footboard, this frame is great for smaller spaces and narrower rooms.

Virgil Tufted Queen Bed with Nailhead Trim

The Virgil Tufted Queen Bed with Nailhead Trim, priced at $339, is a stunning bed with many details at a relatively budget-friendly price. This popular best-selling bed comes in ivory and light gray polyester fabrics studded with chrome nailhead trim on both the headboard and footboard. A solid birch frame supports a mattress and box spring with style, with richly colored dark wood tapered legs. The diamond-patterned tufting gives the bed an endless sense of elegance and formality. 

The Virgil Queen Bed combines romantic, feminine touches of tufting and sloped curves with the more masculine flair of the studded nail heads and the rich dark wood of the base. This makes the bed perfect for rooms in a number of décor styles, both classic and modern. It is especially ideal for larger rooms or spaces where you want the bed to be the dramatic centerpiece of the room. 

Allewie Queen Platform Bed

A more contemporary and modern turn on the classic tufted bed frame, the Allewie Platform Bedframe, $274, is a beautiful and practical addition to your bedroom. It comes in light gray and dark gray tufted polyester, making it perfect for sleek and dynamic rooms. The bed also grants valuable storage space courtesy of four sliding drawers that disappear into the frame. The drawers are an excellent solution for small spaces and tiny closets, allowing storage of clothing, linens, and other items that can be easily tucked and organized beneath the bed.

The square tufting is a sleeker, more modern variation of the conventional diamond-shaped tufting, making it great for both traditional décor and contemporary casual rooms. It has a metal framework with sturdy secured slats and extra stability offered by the under-the-bed drawer system, allowing it to support up to 800 pounds. The headboard is also adjustable, enabling various mattress thicknesses to be easily accommodated.