The Secret To Keeping Your Bed Pillows Clean And Fluffy Is Simpler Than You Think

After a long day of working hard and running errands, the last thing you'll want to do is lay your head down on a stiff and musty pillow. The cushions on your bed should properly cradle your noggin and offer a good night's rest, not the opposite. But how many of us have woken up to a sore neck or irritated skin because our pillows weren't properly maintained? According to Mattress Clarity, an unsupportive pillow can also cause head pain, such as tension and sinus headaches, leaving people tired and irritated. So, what can you do to ensure a good night's rest?

We've found a few steps necessary to keep your pillows fluffy and clean. No, you don't have to purchase an expensive cleaning device or try a crazy TikTok hack. Instead, it's a simple process you can add to your weekly routine that is quick and effective. 

Add an extra layer

Although it may seem odd, Food52 recommends doubling up your pillowcases. They noticed that the typical criteria of one casing per pillow didn't provide much protection, pushing them to purchase a new set frequently. This makes sense, considering most things we rest our heads on are prone to absorbing sweat, dirt, and oil. So why wouldn't you add on an extra layer of defense? And you don't even have to purchase a new set of pillowcases.

According to Food52, you can use an older set as the first layer — typically something a bit thick and rough — and a fresh, stylish one as the outer layer. Once you start using this technique, you'll notice that your pillows will look clean and soft even when bare. This also means you won't have to wash them as often or purchase a new set for a few years. However, if you're hoping to extend the life of your pillows, there is also a simple cleaning trick you can try.

Take advantage of natural resources

According to Resthouse, those with wool or down-filled pillows should take advantage of the sun's beaming light and enjoy its effects. Ultraviolet rays are capable of eliminating dust mites, mildew, and allergens. If that doesn't seem magical enough, it can soak up smells and moisture and diminish some stains. Additionally, this is a helpful alternative for those who prefer avoiding harsh chemicals.

The steps for this tactic are also pretty simple. Rest House advises hanging your pillows on a drying rack or clothesline and securing them with clothespins. Once two hours have passed, it's time to pull them down and fluff them before pinning them up in the opposite direction. After a few more hours, you can pull them down and bring them back inside. However, avoid leaving your pillows outside for too long because the ultraviolet rays can end up damaging your pillows' natural fibers.