The Brilliant Storage Hack That Keeps Your Plastic Container Lids Organized

If there is one thing we can all relate to, it is the chaotic drawer that houses our Tupperware. Amidst the haphazardly piled containers lies an even greater mess — the lids. These elusive pieces seem to have a mind of their own, often disappearing into the depths of the drawer. Finding the perfect lid to match each container regularly ends in frustration and a sense of defeat. And despite our best efforts to keep Tupperware organized, it somehow always ends up as a monstrous abyss — that is, until now. A clever TikTok hack using a wire cabinet shelf is elevating the kitchen organization game and solving the problems of storing our plastic container lids.

Now, we're a fan of most organization hacks, but this one is on another level. Imagine the time you can save finding a matching lid each and every time. By combining a low-cost wire rack and a plastic bin, you can create your own DIY storage solution to hold container lids. It's a simple yet brilliant solution to help declutter your kitchen and keep your lids easily accessible.

Conquering the chaos

To make your own DIY storage solution for plastic container lids, gather a wire cabinet shelf and a suitable plastic bin. If you have a large number of lids, consider doubling the materials for increased storage. Start by bending each wire leg of the shelf towards the center. Then, simply place the rack inside the bin, and voila! You now have a clever organizer to keep your lids neatly in check.

When attempting this TikTok hack, remember that the plastic bin you choose must have sufficient width to hold the wire rack. Also, ensure that the bin can fit comfortably in your kitchen drawer. If your Tupperware drawer lacks depth, you can opt to place the storage system inside a cabinet instead. The added benefit of utilizing a plastic bin is its movable nature, making it easy to remove from any location in the kitchen when adding or retrieving lids.