This Laundry Detergent Hack Will Change The Way You Spread Rock Salt This Winter

If you live somewhere that gets plenty of snow during the winter, then you know just how important rock salt is. It helps melt snow on sidewalks and staircases, and, most importantly, ensures no black ice forms. That's because it has a lower freezing point than water, which makes it harder to turn into ice. This is crucial during the winter, when an unnoticeable patch of ice can have you flying down the stairs, sliding down your driveway, or falling heavily onto your behind on the sidewalk. This can cause more than a minor inconvenience and some embarrassment — depending on your age, it can also lead to broken bones and dangerous injuries. However, rock salt can be a pain to distribute. It's often stowed in large bags, which you have to haul out from the garage and then sprinkle with a shovel or your gloved hands. Luckily, repurposing an old detergent bottle can make this process a whole lot simpler.

This is a great hack to try because it not only uses something you already have in your house, but it also gives a second life to something you would just throw into the recycling bin. Everyone has to do laundry, so we all have an extra plastic bottle lying around. Here's how to take that old item, give it a new purpose, and pull off the hack.

Use a laundry detergent bottle to spread rock salt

The best part of this laundry detergent hack is that it requires absolutely zero crafting. So if you're not someone who gets overly enthusiastic about getting out a pair of scissors and a hot glue gun, don't worry. This DIY is totally up your alley. All you have to do is wash out the laundry detergent bottle. You want to ensure there's no leftover soap residue so it doesn't negatively interact with the rock salt. Once it's been thoroughly cleaned, make sure it's dry before putting the salt inside. Note, water will melt the salt, so this step is crucial.

Once ready, pour your rock salt into the bottle and pop on the original pour spout. You can now use the bottle's handle to easily carry and distribute the rock salt, which will come out in a contained stream thanks to the bottle's pour spout. This not only makes it easier to perform the task during the winter, but it's also safer. The rock salt can irritate your bare skin, so this minimizes any contact. Just be sure not to accidentally pour any on your grass or near dirt patches, as the melted salt can contaminate the ground and harm any plants or grass that will try to grow during the spring.