The Simple Way To Turn Your Used Laundry Detergent Jug Into A Watering Can

Repurposing household items can be a great way to reduce waste and discover new uses for everyday objects. Take, for example, the laundry detergent bottle. These are versatile and can easily be transformed into a watering jug in just a few steps. The best part about this project is that you're taking care of the environment in a couple of different ways. Upcycling a laundry detergent bottle into a watering can is considered sustainable, because instead of discarding it (with no guarantee that it will be recycled), you're giving it a second chance at life, reducing waste, and minimizing your environmental impact. By repurposing everyday items, you're actively reducing your contribution to landfills. It's also a cost-effective gardening tool option since it eliminates the need to purchase a separate watering can.

In addition to the above-mentioned, repurposing laundry detergent bottles offers a multitude of versatile uses around your home and garden. In your garden, detergent jugs can be used as nighttime protection for seedlings and small plants. In your home, they can be used to store everything from kids' toys to tools. Upcycled detergent bottles can even be used for fun at the beach.

How to make a watering can

To create an upcycled detergent bottle watering can, you'll need an empty detergent bottle, a knife, polyurethane adhesive (like Gorilla Glue), and water-resistant spray paint. First, make sure your detergent bottle has been cleaned to remove any leftover residue, then begin by removing the pouring spout. Carefully cut around the rim of the spout with a knife and pry out the plastic rim inside. Next, trace and cut out a hole for the spout. Use a knife to trace a circle on the top third of the bottle and cut along it. You can adjust the size as needed.

Apply a generous amount of glue around the spout to prevent leakage, and attach the spout to the bottle. Make sure to let the glue cure completely. Once it has dried, trim any excess or bulging glue spots with a knife to give it clean lines. Use your spray paint to cover both the bottle and cap, making sure that it's completely covered. Give it some time to dry. You can create a sprinkle attachment by creating holes in the cap using a knife or drill. 

Alternatively, you can use the laundry detergent bottle as is. Just cut a triangle-shaped hole where the handle and the neck of the bottle meet. Drill holes in the lid, and you have an instant watering can. 

Other uses for laundry detergent bottles

You can organize your garage with the help of repurposed laundry detergent bottles. By removing the top and using the handle, these bottles can be transformed into a convenient storage solution for small items like nails, screws, and bolts. Label the handle side for easy organization and effortlessly slide them onto a shelf, instantly creating a neat and orderly space. Fill the bottles with sand or water to use them as weights, securing ropes or tarps in place. If you live in an area with snow, during the winter you can replace the sand with salt or de-icer pellets and keep a bottle or two in your car in case you need to create emergency traction.

Instead of tossing leftover paint, transfer it to a laundry detergent bottle for airtight storage. The spout allows for easy pouring, which means more control and less mess for your next painting project. You can also repurpose your laundry detergent bottle as a pet food scoop. Just cut off the top and use it to scoop pet food from heavy bags or containers. This scoop method can also be used to change out the litter in the kitty's toilet. One of the most versatile hacks is to transform your bottle into a dustpan by cutting it horizontally at an angle.