Never Waste Another Drop Of Laundry Detergent With This TikTok Hack

None of us like wasting money, no matter how much of it we have. That's why it's disheartening when you can't pour any more laundry detergent out of the bottle, but you can still hear and feel some splashing around at the bottom when you shake it. Thanks to this TikTok hack, we have a way to never waste another bit of our laundry detergent ever again.

For this no waste hack, all you need is a hair dryer. By using it to heat the top of a detergent bottle, it allows you to cleanly pull the top off so that you can pour out any remaining detergent without making a mess. Simply turning the bottle upside down doesn't usually work since the liquid gets stuck inside the pockets and grooves of the spout top. Even worse is when it goes rogue and drips out from a random corner and spills everywhere as you try to empty it out. So annoying!

Some commenters on TikTok recommend adding water to the bottle to get the rest of the detergent out. However, this dilutes it and reduces its cleaning power. Fortunately, this TikTok laundry detergent no waste hack ensures that you get your money's worth by cleanly pouring out all of the cleaning solution contained in the bottle.

How to get ALL the detergent out of the bottle

To remove the top of your laundry detergent bottle, direct your hair dryer to the top of bottle, just below the pour spout. Apply the hot air for about 45 seconds. You should keep the cap on while you do this to prevent your hand from getting sticky. After time is up, try to pop the top off. If it's not budging, just apply more heat, but be careful not to burn yourself or let the container melt. The spout should pop off easily, leaving you with an open bottle that allows the remaining detergent to easily flow out.

You'll probably be surprised by how much detergent was actually left in the bottle. TikToker @thebusymrs said she got two more loads out of it by using this hack! Every little bit goes a long way, so you'll definitely want to incorporate this laundry detergent no waste hack into your laundry routine.