The Vacuum Hack That'll Leave Hard To Reach Crevices Spotless

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No matter how hard you clean, it often feels impossible to make sure you've picked up every last crumb. Even your vacuum's smallest, thinnest attachment can miss hard-to-reach areas, especially in your kitchen. Over time, these crumbs can attract pests such as ants, an extremely common household bug. However, you can easily vacuum the tiniest cracks and crevices using a makeshift attachment that will completely revolutionize the way you clean. All you need is a plastic straw and a soft drink lid, which you can get at fast food restaurants. Naturally, if you already have these items in your house, this hack is completely free too. 

You can use this trick whenever you vacuum, or reserve it for when you're spring (or winter) cleaning. A regular deep clean of your home is essential, especially if you want to improve indoor air quality while reducing the incidence of allergens. Additionally, a vacuum can suck particles up, whereas dry dusting just moves them around the room. 

Unfortunately, many of these particles land in small spaces around your home. But you can use this hack for every area of your house, including tiny trinkets that often accumulate dust. You can even use it in washrooms. You may be wondering how a vacuum can clean your bathroom, but by adding a straw to its attachment, you can easily remove dust from corners and behind your toilet. Even better, this trick is excellent when cleaning your car, especially the vents. 

Grab a straw and soft drink lid to get started

To utilize this hack, all you need to do is take a plastic straw and put it through the hole in the drink lid. Then, place it over your vacuum hose the same way you'd attach it to a cup, ready to drink from. Keep in mind that your vacuum's suction is too strong for the straw, so you'll need to either attach it to the lid or hold it in place. If you don't have these items or try to avoid single-use plastics, you can purchase paper straws from Amazon for less than $5. 

You can also swap out a plastic lid for cardboard, cutting out a circle large enough to sit over your vacuum's hose. Using a hole puncher, make a space for your straw. You can even hot glue or tape your straw in place for a permanent vacuum attachment. Likewise, easily clean hard-to-reach areas by attaching a paper towel tube to your vacuum. However, keep in mind that a straw can reach smaller spaces. 

The biggest issue with this hack is if a crack forms in your straw, especially if it snags during use. You can easily swap it out, but this contributes to unnecessary waste. You could reinforce your straw with tape before use or rely on a metal one instead. Just ensure you store it separately so you don't accidentally drink from it. Add this handy trick to your routine for minimal cleaning hacks to keep your home tidy.