The Timeless Statement Home Decor You Should Only Buy On Sale

It seems that ceramic never goes out of style. From glossy, colorful painted bowls to matte, neutral-tone art pieces, ceramic has remained a household decor staple for years. After all, ceramics are often not only decorative but also functional. Pieces like mugs, vases, and bowls serve a purpose beyond just adding to the visual appeal of a space. As a result, ceramic is one of the most commonly used materials in home decor.

The popularity of ceramic means that it can be found in almost any thrift or antique store. Of course, you can snag a ceramic bowl or vase at most home decor retailers as well, but it may not be wise to go this route if you are being charged full price. Ceramic pieces are not hard to come by, so there is no need to ever pay full price. A second-hand store may be a better option as ceramic often holds up well over time. If you prefer to only purchase new ceramic art to incorporate in your home, keep your eye out for sales and seasonal discounts. With so much ceramic decor out there, it is likely that the items you have been on the hunt for may eventually go on sale. Here's what to watch for and how to snag the best prices.

Hunt for the best deals on ceramic decor

Unlike some household staples, decorative ceramics typically are not a necessity. This means that you do not need to purchase your desired pieces as soon as they catch your eye in a store. You have the option to hunt for the best deal. This may make it easier for you to take your time searching local second-hand stores for the pieces you want. You also have more time to monitor sales to get amazing deals on brand-new ceramic decor.

Deana Lenz, the founder of Deana Lenz Interiors, also recommends waiting until ceramic decor goes on sale to snag pieces to decorate your home. "Any ceramic piece one can find on sale is a win," Lenz told Real Simple. "They are beautiful to arrange on a coffee table, on top of books, or a small catch-all piece on a bedside table. Ceramics offer a rich, historic, and strong texture to any space."

To take advantage of sales, you may find it helpful to make a list of the stores that sell the ceramic pieces you've been eyeing. You can then do your research to find out when these stores launch their sales and discounts. Most retailers have a markdown pattern for each of their departments. For example, Thursday is the best time to shop the home decor sales at Target.

Search thrift stores to snag discounted ceramics

When looking for ceramics at thrift stores, there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure you are getting the best deal on these home decor pieces before they are all sold out. First, visit your local thrift store regularly. This will help you become familiar with any weekly discount days and how often the store restocks. It doesn't hurt to also ask employees whether they can share any information on what days shelves are restocked or the store's discount schedule. Once you've gathered these details, you should be able to plan your thrift store visits on the days you know you'll get the best deals on ceramic decor that just hit the shelves.

Even the experts agree that buying ceramic decor from thrift stores is a great option. Taylor Spellman, interior architecture designer and the CEO of Taylor Spellman New York, spoke to Business Insider about visiting thrift stores to look for pottery and serving dishes for clients. "It is always exciting to find a showpiece for someone's home that I can guarantee they will not have seen anywhere else — and the price is right," she told the outlet. "Whether it is priced to sell on the shelves or requires a little bit of negotiation, the price point is always way less than if I [were] to purchase the item in a high-end or brand-name store."