10 Ways To Incorporate Ceramic Art In Your Home

You will be surprised to find out that ceramics have been part of human life for thousands of years. In fact, there is evidence of the use of ceramic pottery and figurines that date back to 28,000 BCE, per the American Ceramic Society. With that said, what really is ceramic anyway? Ceramic items are made from a combination of natural materials like clay, water, and other minerals. Originally, ceramic objects were made for specific purposes like storing grain or as water containers; however, today ceramic has evolved into beautiful pieces of art that are still useful in our homes. Incorporating ceramic art at home is something easier said than done. 

These unique pieces of pottery come in so many shapes, designs, colors, and patterns that it can be challenging to know how to incorporate them into your home's art design. When dealing with ceramic art, you need to have an open mind — there are no rules and your options are only as limited as your creativity. Take a look at the following examples that should give you an idea of where to start.

1. Combine with other artwork

A good way of displaying smaller ceramic pieces in your home is by combining them creatively with other artwork. However, you have to be picky when it comes to color choices. Go for artwork that is simple and won't take away attention from your ceramic pieces. Here, the green piece stands out amid brown and white tones in this example.

2. Space them out

You can make the most out of the limited ceramic pieces in your home by arranging them sparingly in an inbuilt alcove right in your living room. In this example, two pieces are arranged at the extremes and one at the middle for a balanced appearance.

3. Make use of the corners

Introduce some contrast to the bright corners of your living room with black ceramic pottery. This is one way of making your prized pieces of art stand out and make a statement. Depending on the sizes of the ceramic art pieces, you have the option of stacking together several small pieces or one huge piece in the corner.

4. Build a special place

Floating shelves give you the perfect opportunity to display your favorite ceramic art pieces out in the open. You have the option of using older repurposed furniture with open storage or building a bespoke shelf exclusive for your impressive collection of pottery as shown in the example above. The major advantage of floating shelves is that you can increase more shelves as your collection also increases in number.

5. Put them to use

One good thing about ceramic art pieces is that they are multifunctional. While they can sit pretty and serve as home design elements, they can also double as storage containers for many uses. One creative use that will also increase the aesthetic appeal of your home is using ceramic pots with different colors to grow indoor plants, as demonstrated above.

6. Create a mini art gallery

If you have a huge collection of ceramic pottery, why not create your own mini art gallery right in your home? You can build a shelf in your living room or in a separate creative studio exclusive to your ever-expanding collection.

7. Work around an accent chair

The goal of incorporating ceramic art in your home is to improve the aesthetic appeal. What better way to achieve this than to install pieces of art around attractive furniture in your home. The example above shows how you can create shelves for displaying your prized ceramic pieces around a bright pink couch. Such a setup adds an extra design element to an already beautiful space.

8. Bring several pieces together

Squeezing smaller pieces of ceramic art together allows you to create a composition of different colors and patterns that is quite attractive. It's even better if these pieces are of different sizes and patterns. The image above shows a combination of ceramic pieces with different colors on display.

9. Introduce some rustic touches

A farmhouse or rustic design is ideal for displaying older pottery. The arrangement above features a combination of rustic furniture with open storage that is used deliberately to display dated pieces of ceramic ware. The dark wooden hue in the background of the cabinet provides the right backdrop for displaying these unique pieces.

10. Let the patterns out

The best place to display pieces of pottery with unique patterns and colors is out in the open. Installing an open shelf above the fireplace is ideal; however, any other open place like an open hallway can be a good place to introduce this design element. The image above is an example of how beautiful pottery stands out when displayed on a floating shelf.