The Best Time To Shop The Home Decor Sales At Target

Whether you prefer online or in-person shopping, Target is a popular destination for just about every shopper. If you are familiar with Target stores, you probably have been sucked into the Target effect that empties the wallets of unsuspecting shoppers. When walking into this store, you always know you're not going to walk out with just one thing. From adorable shoes to affordable home décor, before you know it, your cart is filled to the brim with things you just have to have.

If this sounds like you, it's time to start shopping the smarter way. If you're going to buy it, you might as well get it while it's on sale. According to House Beautiful, Target has a specific markdown pattern that you can take advantage of to get the best deals on clothing, health products, housewares, and more. The easiest way to get what you need while it's on sale is to simply go to Target on the markdown day of those items.

When to buy home décor at Target

If you are specifically looking to get those dishes you've been eyeing or some great-smelling candles, Thursday is the day you'll need to schedule your Target run. While you are there, you might as well check out the shoe and toy aisles as they'll be marked down too, as per House Beautiful.

The same source suggests following the Instagram account, @targetdealfinder. The page posts about new inventory, great deals on all kinds of items, and even the best days to buy coffee at the Starbucks located inside Target. The creators of the account sometimes provide up to four or five daily updates on the best markdowns, in which they explain how much you'll save and how long you have to take advantage of the sale, as noted by House Beautiful. In the past, they have posted deals for incredible price reductions on Airwick products, Magnolia Hearth Home items, Paulo Wood Writing Desks, and Hearth & Hand Comforter Sets that are often more than 50% off.