The Drawer Upgrade That Will Keep Your Bathroom Countertops Neat And Organized

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You can declutter items in your bathroom all day long, but hair styling tools are a whole other issue. The average bathroom in an apartment or small home is 36–40 square feet, so most don't have a ton of space to work with, and there's only so much room on the counter before it becomes overwhelmingly busy. That means getting creative with storage solutions, such as a bathroom cabinetry organizer.

This incredible hot tools storage solution can fit into an existing cabinet, or you can find ways to implement the idea in a less usable space in a powder room. Plus, you won't ruin your hot brush by cramming it into a drawer with all of your other hair styling tools, which is a bonus. Whether you have a giant bathroom (so jealous) or a tiny one, you too can discover the key to neat and tidy bathroom counters.

Reconfigure your bathroom vanity for a cabinetry organizer

Don't worry, non-woodworking folks; this is not a labor-intensive solution. It can be if you're feeling ambitious, but there are also easy approaches like Rev-A-Shelf's Vanity Outlet Grooming Organizer, shown above. This premade organizer is terrific for vanities with more cabinet space. It has two shelves for smaller storage on the bottom, two hot tool canisters on top, and a clever outlet location that will help minimize bathroom clutter.

There are also options for those who prefer the versatility of smaller drawers, such as Rev-A-Shelf's Vanity Outlet Drawer. Even J Jackcube Design's Hair Dryer and Styling Product Tool Holder Organizer will help keep counters clutter-free since tools take up less space upright than lying down. Both of these options also have an extra built-in storage area that can be used for smaller bathroom necessities or even a power strip for easy access.

How to implement this idea in a bathroom without a big vanity

Functional hot tool storage isn't just a luxury for those with large enough vanities to accommodate bathroom cabinetry organizers. While rolling carts like this one from Target might not be built specifically to store hot tools, they can easily be modified to do so.

Many of these carts have low separation bars, making individual hot tool canisters liable to tip over. However, you could secure J Jackcube Design's Wall Mount Hair Dryer Holder Stand, which boasts three canisters, to the inside of the cart using zip ties for easy styling access.

While this method might require a bit more creativity than a cabinetry organizer, if you have a small bathroom with minimal counter space, a rolling cart can be beneficial in more ways than one. You could even store toilet paper or cleaning products on the bottom shelf!