Items To Declutter In Your Bathroom Today

Clutter builds in every room of your home, but each space collects unique items. Clutter is the forgotten or unused things that just sit around, waiting for you to remember them. One room that picks up a lot of clutter is the bathroom. The problem here is often overstocking products you already have enough of but purchase anyway. According to The Elbow Room, one main reason the bathroom becomes so saturated with stuff is because of its size.

The bathroom is the smallest room in the house. Even if you have a sizeable one, you're limited to how much you can keep in there. Your goal when organizing the bathroom is to store items you use and clear away the stuff you don't. Luckily, you can declutter a few things from your bathroom today, and we've listed 13 of them. Keeping your bathroom free of clutter will give you more space to work with and less hassle when searching for the things you need.

Limit yourself to one hairbrush or comb

We all have good hair days and bad hair days. In order to have more of the former, we use countless products and styling tools to get it just the way we want. But more on that later. First, let's talk about an essential hair tool that most people own: a brush or a comb. Hairbrushes and combs are staples for maintaining healthy hair. You use them to detangle knots, tame flyaways, and keep strands in place.

But you really don't need more than two brushes or combs at any given time. Because this tool is part of a daily habit, you may not think about it all that often. This means you don't think about decluttering ones you haven't used in ages. Luxy Hair suggests keeping a few brushes or combs and focusing on what you need them for. There are detangling brushes, styling brushes, teasing combs, and way more. When sorting through your hairbrush collection, ask yourself which ones you use most and keep only those.

Replace old or worn towels

Towels are essential for the bathroom. So it would make sense that you want to ensure the towels do what they're supposed to. But more often than not, people keep towels far longer than necessary. Modern Bathroom recommends replacing towels for a few reasons. First, you can throw them out if they lose their absorbency. Why keep a towel that doesn't dry stuff? Second, if it smells after one or two uses, it's time to let it go. Bacteria buildup causes the odor, meaning you're unable to clean it properly. And finally, say goodbye if there are holes, tearing, or frayed edges.

Because towels tend to last a while, they're usually the last thing on people's minds to declutter. But chances are you have a few that have seen better days. Look for the signs we mentioned above when you sort through your towels. But don't assume you need to throw them away. We can give decluttered towels a second life by using them for cleaning rags. Or cut a towel into strips and use it to tie up garden posts.

Unpack your travel sized products

If you're a frequent traveler, you know how annoying it can be to pack normal-sized bathroom products. Certain shampoo bottles are odd-shaped and bulky. That's why many people will opt for travel-sized bottles. You can either purchase a set yourself or use whatever the hotel or Airbnb sets out for you if you're not picky about the product. But when was the last time you sorted through and decluttered those travel-sized products? You might think their size keeps them from taking up too much room, but if you have dozens of those little bottles lying around, that's space wasted.

And depending on how much you travel, buying travel-sized products will cost you more than if you just packed your regular size bottle. As reported on The-Bu-Buzz, travel-sized products may sound more convenient, but they cost almost as much as their normal-size counterpart. So, where does that leave you? Our best advice is to declutter as many travel-sized products as possible. Use up what you like and discard the rest. Then buy a refillable set that you can use in the future. They're easier to store away after you're home, and you have the added bonus of using your personal favorites rather than a brand you don't know.

Say no to free samples

On the subject of small bottles, let's talk about any free samples you might have lying around. We get it. It's hard to say no to free stuff, but the truth is filling your home with free memorabilia means less space for the things you actually use. They often offer samples at beauty stores, skincare lines, and the occasional perfume company. While samples are great for testing out new products, if you don't like them, rather than throw them away, you store them thinking that maybe you'll change your mind.

Angela Brown from Ask a House Cleaner is well aware of this epidemic. "But it's free," is the excuse she always hears. How can you possibly turn down something that is free? Instead, Brown suggests adjusting your mindset so that when you hear the word "free," you think of the word "junk." It's harsher, but it also means you're less likely to bring it into your home. So as you declutter your bathroom, note how many samples or trial-sized products you have. Promise yourself to shift your mindset and not bring more of that into your home unless you know it's a product or brand you're interested in.

Check your makeup

Makeup has a shelf life, and following through on those expiration dates is important. Why? Because the last thing you want to do is put old makeup on your skin. While it won't have immediate reactions, Lindsay Silberman notes that the longer you use old makeup, the better your chance of damaging your skin. And while most makeup will have an expiration date on the packaging, free samples will not. That's why, as we said before, collecting too many and not using them will make it harder to tell what is still good and what isn't.

When you declutter your makeup, it's good to try to dispose of it the right way. According to Lock and Key Home Organization, makeup is hazardous waste, so you want to ensure you're doing everything possible to remove it properly. Don't pour any liquids down the drain. Instead, empty them onto a napkin or tissue and throw them in the trash. If possible, find a local disposal center. For future makeup purchases, note the expiration date and write it on the product with a marker.

Be honest about styling tools

There are times we want to admit that we use something more than we do. And styling appliances is something that falls into that category. These tools tell us that with them, we get luxurious curls, pin-straight hair, or the perfect crimp. But the truth is we don't use these appliances as often as we think we do, except for the hair dryer, which usually gets a lot of use. That's why taking the time to declutter them will help you save space and time.

When was the last time you plugged in your hair straightener? Really think about it when you sort through everything because it may not be as current as you thought. You want to keep items that not only work well but that you actually use. Focus on the tool's features. If you need something that offers heat protection and the ones you have don't, declutter it. As for storing them after, Home Storage Solutions 101 recommends an over-the-door caddy for your cabinet. Or a dedicated basket in a closet works too.

Say goodbye to nail polish

Even if you are someone who meticulously keeps up with their manicures and pedicures, you probably still have some nail supplies at home. These come in handy when you're between appointments and must fix a chip or broken nail. But as with every other item on this list, having an overstock of nail polish and other supplies that don't get used is doing more harm than good. For starters, nail polish has a shelf life, and it's only about 18 to 24 months, according to Cote Shop.

When going through your polish, think about the colors you use often. Polish begins to expire after it's opened, so if you come across any you haven't worn, ask a friend or family member if they want it. Like makeup, nail polish is hazardous waste, so make sure you dispose of it properly. As for supplies like emery boards, cuticle cutters, and more, keep one or two of each and declutter the rest. When you limit the number of supplies you have, you're more inclined to care for the ones you do.

Use or lose hair care products

There are new hair products coming out all the time. They market to people with specific hair types, promising this is the item they need to finally reach hair peak potential. But looking at what you have before bringing in something new is essential. Especially Hair products take up a lot of room with their odd-shaped bottles and sizes. Like makeup and nail polish, hair products expire, and you'll find that date on the packaging. But what if there isn't one?

Curl Centric recommends tossing any product after 36 months, but only if it's been opened. It might be hard to remember when you opened something exactly, so give your best guess. Then, going forward, it's a good idea to note the expiration date with a marker. But what if you want to try something new? That's fine, but do your best to finish what you have first. This way, you're not bringing in more than you have space for.

Get specific about niche products

We mentioned niche hair styling appliances before, and now we'll talk about other products explicitly geared to something on your body. We're talking pore strips, eyebrow wax, shaving cream, and others like them. These products are great at targeting a particular area, but it's common to buy them with every intention of using them, and then never doing so. This happens more than you think. The problem is that when you constantly bring items into your bathroom and don't use them, you're wasting valuable space and money.

The first step to successful bathroom decluttering is taking out everything you have. When you do, group these niche products and ask yourself, "What do I actually use?" As Clean and Scentsible notes, why bother organizing items you will not use? No one said decluttering is easy, but with these bathroom products, a little tough love will be needed. Once you're sure of what you're keeping, only then can you organize them with everything else.

Simplify your skincare routine

Have you noticed a pattern yet? A lot of what you store in your bathroom has a shelf life. This is no different from the food you store in the kitchen. That's why when decluttering your bathroom, it's important to pay attention to expiration dates. Even more important to note them on the product itself. Outside of hair products, the other most common item found in bathrooms is skincare. Face wash, cleanser, toner, moisturizer, sunscreen; the list goes on.

In order to successfully declutter these products, you must first be honest about what you use. Is it possible to simplify your skincare routine to knock out a few products? Is there something that doesn't take to your skin anymore? Those are ideal things to declutter. What about expired skincare? According to Byrdie, there are a few ways to note if a product has gone bad. It might smell bad, have a different texture, the color has changed, or you might even see black or green moldy spots. Dispose of those products immediately and replace them with fresh bottles. Always be vigilant about what you put on your skin and declutter regularly.

Replenish your cleaning supplies

If you are someone who keeps their cleaning supplies in the bathroom, it's time to sort through them. Cleaning products do expire, and while you may still use them after the noted date, you'll most likely need to use more of the product to do the job. It's always a good idea to replenish your cleaning supplies, especially the ones you use in the bathroom. This room gets messy quickly, and while they're messes you may not want to clean, you must if you want to keep your bathroom healthy and bacteria-free.

When you go through your cleaning supplies, ask yourself if you can switch them with a DIY cleaner instead of buying a replacement. Ecoverde Maids note that cleaning your bathroom well requires a few natural ingredients, many of which you may already have. Vinegar and baking soda work great to remove tough stains and are safe to use on almost any surface. Olive oil works best for getting stainless steel to shine. And hot water paired with vinegar is a match made in cleaning heaven. So don't be afraid to test out some homemade cleaning solutions. If they don't work out, you can always replace your decluttered supplies.

Update your hygienic products

Some of the most common products in any bathroom include toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, floss, deodorant, and perfume/cologne. These are your general hygienic products and will be the ones you replenish the most. However, it's important not to overfill your storage space with these products as, like anything else, they have a shelf life after being opened. Dental products are the category you'll probably find the most of in your home since every trip to the dentist results in a goody bag filled with fresh items.

But if you don't need them right away, into storage they go. Bright Side Dental & Orthodontics recommends replacing your toothbrush every time you see the dentist. It's a friendly reminder, though you can also declutter the old one if the bristles flatten out. As for the other products in this group, focus on using what you have before buying new ones. Yes, storing many backups is tempting, but depending on the space you have, you'll need that for other bathroom items. The key is balance and organizing the products in a way that gives everything plenty of breathing room.

Clear basic counter clutter

How can you hope to get ready if you can't even find space on the counter for your products? Counter clutter is the first thing you should focus on. Why? Because clearing away clutter, no matter how much or how little, gives you a fresh start. It's also good practice to keep counters as clear as possible, so you have room to do your makeup or self-care when needed. While everyone in the home may not need as much as the other person, you want to know you have the space available. According to The Elbow Room, if you maximize the space in your cabinets and behind the doors, you'll never need to leave anything on the counter again.

Yes, leaving toothbrushes on the counter is fine so long as they're organized neatly. You can also keep soap and maybe a little decorative piece. But when you're done using your daily products, whether it's hair, skin, or hygiene, put them somewhere else. Dedicate a basket for each member of the family and store it under the sink. Give each member a shelf behind the mirror. There are so many ways you can optimize the bathroom storage space to keep your counters clear and your clutter at bay.