The Clever Outlet Location That Will Help Minimize Bathroom Clutter

Decluttering is best done by figuring out what you should keep and how you can best organize those things with the space you have. The bathroom is a high-traffic area because it's used frequently and houses a lot of frequently-used things. Even if you have some sort of order for storing items in your bathroom, having things all over the counter still creates the appearance of chaos. Luckily, there is a hack that will help you minimize bathroom clutter – and that's by installing outlets in the cabinets.

Ideally in a bathroom, you should have enough storage space to ensure every item can be tucked away, and a clever way to streamline this is by fixing your bathroom outlets in the cabinets and cupboards. Most of the items that tend to remain on the bathroom counter are electrical appliances that need to be plugged in, so installing power sources in the cabinet helps you clear them away more efficiently.

The clever outlet location

One thing to note is that these specialized outlet installations can be somewhat expensive. They might need to be installed by an electrician and inspected so they're up to code. In addition, they may cost more if any amount of rewiring is needed. Still, in-drawer outlets go a long way in improving your bathroom's appearance and organization. "These are splurges, to be sure, but it's so convenient to have toothbrushes or razors charging in the medicine cabinets and to have your hair dryer plugged in the vanity drawer," according to Mindy O'Connor from Melina Kelson O'Connor Architecture & Interiors (via Martha Stewart). 

When you have the ability to store everything away in your cabinets and drawers, it becomes easier to remove the other products and those stray items from the counter, creating a tidier environment. "Counter space is always precious, and clearing away the clutter of these corded essentials makes for a more soothing and spa-like space," says O'Connor.

Other ways to minimize bathroom clutter

Like this outlet hack, the key to minimizing bathroom clutter is investing in efficient storage tools and systems. Thinking beyond the typical way to store things and seeing how you can simplify storage in the best way for your space goes a long way. A caddy or cart, for example, is great because it can be easily moved and put away when not needed. Storage ladders and hooks on the wall will help you store things vertically and won't take up much space.

Another item that can help minimize clutter in your bathroom is the catch-all tray. This type of tray holds any loose items and is great at making random things look organized. You can use it to store your hand wash soap, toothbrush, and other things that you might want to keep on the counter. You can also keep one on the toilet tank and decorate it nicely with items like a plant or candle.