Discover The Key To Neat & Tidy Bathroom Counters At Your Local Dollar Tree

The process of getting ready in the bathroom can be chaotic when it involves many skincare, hair, makeup, and hygiene products. The vanity top or the sink area can easily remain in a state of clutter because all those products need to constantly be within reach and it isn't helpful to store them away in the cabinets. A good solution to this problem is to get a caddy for your most-used items that you can place under the sink and move in and out when needed. Dollar Tree sells a divided 3-compartment plastic caddy for $1.25. You can only buy items in bulk on the Dollar Tree website so go to the physical store if you only want one or two. 

Caddies are smart organizational tools. They are small and easy to transport, usually having handles like this Dollar Tree caddy, so they don't need to be fixed to a spot and can be used in different ways. Shower caddies, for example, are very handy because they can be repurposed in other parts of the home like the kitchen, bedroom, or home office when you need an accessible way to store some stray items. 

A go-to caddy

A top tip for organizing your bathroom vanity is to only have relevant items on display, so declutter your counter if you haven't already and get this 3-compartment plastic caddy from Dollar Tree for the items you reach for every day. Caddies are especially good for bottles so you can toss your lotions, creams, and mouthwash bottles in there, tuck the caddy under the sink or a nearby cabinet, and then you can bring it out when you're getting ready and put it away when you're done. 

This Dollar Tree caddy is 10 inches deep, 8.75 inches wide, and 7.5 inches high, so it's good enough to hold the basics while remaining easy to carry. It also has a great handle and small holes so things won't fall out. If you get more than one caddy, one tip is to label them based on function to add another layer of organization. Some categories can be skincare, makeup, and bathroom cleaning supplies. Another tip that can enhance organization is to get separate caddies if it's a shared bathroom.