Beat Bathroom Clutter With The Shower Design Trend Pinterest Is Loving

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If you treasure some occasional "me" time, then you already know the value of your bathroom. Who doesn't enjoy massaging in their favorite skincare products or diving headfirst into a new fantasy novel while soaking in the bathtub? Unfortunately, these essential parts of your relaxation routine become almost impossible with excessive clutter. You may lack sufficient vanity space for all of your vials and bottles, but you may not be ready to declutter by getting rid of these bathroom items. Luckily, inset shower caddies are here to save the day. This storage solution is making the rounds on Pinterest as a helpful — and chic — design trend.

An inset shower caddy or niche is indispensable for folks who like to make the most out of their pampering time. They're all the rage right now because of how stylish and sophisticated they look, and they're also super functional — no one wants to hop out mid-shower just to grab all of their serums, mud masks, and loofahs. Your caddy doesn't have to be a boring little hole in the wall, either. The countless designs out there can accommodate every bathroom type, from full bathtubs to standing showers, so you can maximize your storage space without sacrificing decor potential.

What caddy will work best for your shower design?

Considering different shower caddy options is essential because, as you introduce more items to your shower and skincare routines, they can overwhelm your bathroom if you don't make space. If you're building a new bathroom (or renovating your old one), consider adding a niche that's large enough for your needs. Modern bathroom construction often provides extra room for bottles and soaps by including inset shower shelves, further maximizing your potential storage space.

One potential caddy for your shower inset is the 17 x 25 x 3.8-inch double shelf from SEEUTEK, available through Home Depot for about $54. These shelves' design is neutral enough to blend in with practically any aesthetic, and they offer plenty of room for both tall and short bottles. You can add even more space by installing a three-tiered shelf, like the 8 x 36 x 4-inch stainless steel triple shelf from ADKY, which is also available through Home Depot for about $200. This is ideal if you have a long, rectangular inset caddy. If you've already covered your caddy in tiles, you can install glass shelves for added storage potential. This set from Amazon uses an adhesive, meaning you won't have to drill into the wall.

Install your own shower niche in a few easy steps

Whether you're still in the early stages of building your bathroom or you're in the middle of a major renovation, you can install your caddy by using a stud finder to locate your support beams, then carving a hole between two of them. At this point, your caddy should be purchased and ready to go so you can make your niche the right size.

Trace your caddy's shape onto the wall and hew it out using an appropriate cutting tool, such as a saw (you'll likely have to use a rotary tool if you're cutting into tile). If you're building your bathroom from scratch, follow these same steps for the shower panel before attaching it to the beams. Then, clean your shower caddy and the hole with isopropyl alcohol before applying a polyurethane adhesive to the caddy's back and inserting it into the hole. Hold the caddy firmly in place until the adhesive sets before caulking around the caddy's edges to ensure water doesn't seep in. Wipe off any excess with a sponge or rag. You don't even have to limit your caddy placement to the shower — you can also make recessed caddies in your bathroom wall for other items like spare towels or robes.