Things You Should Consider When Picking Out Shower Caddies & Storage

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Shower caddies and storage work to keep your bathtub and shower organized and clutter-free. No matter what size your bathtub is, the perfect shower caddy exists. However, they're not one-size-fits-all, and the type of storage solution you purchase depends on several factors. For starters, the condition of your tub's plumbing plays a role in the caddy you install. Additionally, you should consider the size and weight of your bath products before investing in a shower caddy, as some are better equipped for heavier products than others. 

To choose the best caddy for you, factor in whether you use a tension curtain rod or sliding doors. If you have sliding doors, consider investing in a hanging caddy over the door. To ensure the product doesn't gouge your glass, look for something with scratch-free covers. Depending on space, you can even double up on caddies. 

If you have some light items to store, you might want to purchase one that slips over your showerhead or attaches to the wall. For large and heavier items, a corner caddy might be right for you. You can also purchase bath trays that go lengthwise across your tub, perfect for a bubble bath or cleaning the kiddos. And, don't forget the best feature of the bathroom shower caddy: storing bottles upside down. This prevents them from sliding around while contributing to a neatly assembled bathtub. 

Showerhead and wall-mounted caddies

Showerhead caddies are a popular option for many people. However, if you have old, corroded plumbing in your tub, you may want to skip caddies that hang from your showerhead. The same goes if you have loose tiles in your tub. The organizer's weight could cause potential damage to your plumbing or tiles. You should also pay close attention to the sealant around your tub's faucet before selecting this type of caddy. If there are any cracks or gaps in the caulk, water could drip behind your faucet, causing a leak. As a preventative measure, use silicone caulk before installing any type of shower storage. 

Keep in mind that showerhead caddies commonly slip forward, spilling their contents all over your floor. To prevent the organizer from moving around, simply add a zip tie or rubber band in front of the piece that goes over your showerhead. For lightweight items and in a shower that is in good condition, a showerhead caddy is a good choice.

Another option is to attach a caddy to your walls. Again, be sure you don't install them on loose or cracked tiles. Amazon sells wall-mounted options, such as the ShowerGem, for less than $45. These won't interfere with your plumbing, and you can install them anywhere in your tub. Before you start loading your caddy with bath essentials, always check its weight requirements, especially if it uses suction cups.

Corner shower caddies for storage

Should you find that your walls and showerhead don't offer a solution for storage, you can always install a corner shower caddy. These rely on a tension-mounted pole that runs from your tub's floor to the ceiling. For extra security, use a wrench to tighten the pole in place. Corner caddies are typically adjustable, so they work in a variety of showers. They also come in rustproof materials, which means you won't have to worry about them tarnishing. Amazon sells one for $39.99, and it adjusts from 39 to 125 inches. 

One drawback of this type of caddy is the installation process. You commonly have to assemble the shelves and then position these organizers in your tub, so it's not as simple as a caddy that slips over your showerhead. However, corner organizers provide tons of extra storage space. These shelves are perfect for large bottles of shampoo or conditioner and can accommodate your heavier products. If you need even more space, try hanging mesh bags from the shelves or even from your shower curtain, so long as the items are light. 

If you're into bubble baths, consider an expandable bath tray. Amazon sells them for around $20, and they fit a variety of tubs. These are even great for organizing bath toys. No matter what type of caddy you purchase, you'll have an excellent item you can use to organize your bathroom in no time.