Create Stylish Hidden Cabinet Storage With This Genius Wall Art Idea

Storage can be something you never quite have enough of. This is especially true for smaller things that can accumulate on surfaces and in drawers, leading to clutter and disorganization. Some internet DIYers, however, have come up with an ingenious solution to storing all those little bits that add up in our spaces that not only provide dedicated storage but also look pretty while doing it. By creating a secret shallow cabinet behind a framed piece of art, you can stash away essentials attractively yet keep them close for easy access. All you need is a frame, a print of your favorite artwork, some hinges, and a few pieces of 1 x 3-inch lumber.

This hidden cabinet is perfect for storing kitchen items like spices or mug collections. Or, place it in the bathroom to organize cosmetics or toiletries. You can also outfit the interior of the cabinet with screw-in mini-hooks under a shelf to store all manner of small things, from jewelry and hair accessories to keys and dog leashes. Because it has an open back, it also makes a great solution to hide unsightly thermostats and electric boxes, concealing them carefully behind the artwork. It's also the kind of secret storage you can create in any room, perfect for hiding valuables in the home.

Creating art with a hidden cabinet

To build a piece of art with a hidden cabinet, begin with a wood frame of any size, which you can measure to determine the size to cut down your 1 x 3-inch boards. You will need two longer pieces to form the sides and two shorter pieces that form the top and bottom, as well as any shelves on the inside. Use a pocket hole jig to add holes for the screws you will use to fasten the frame of your box together. You may also want to use wood glue at the joints to provide even more strength and stability. After the frame is built, now is the time to do cosmetic work on the cabinet, like sanding, staining, or painting the wood, and eliminate visible nail holes.

To attach the frame to the front of the box, use a pair of full-range hinges along the inside of the frame and cabinet to affix them, making sure that they close flat. You can also add a magnetic latch to close the cabinet when not in use. Add your favorite artwork to your frame, either beneath a sheet of glass or matted on a poster or matte board fastened with framing clips along the perimeter. Use your choice of hanging implements to secure it on the wall, such as triangular hooks, sawtooth hooks, or a wood piece along the interior at the top that you can screw directly into a wall stud.