17 Creative Ways To Repurpose An Old Mattress

Sleep affects just about every aspect of our lives. We spend a significant portion of our time resting, and not getting your full eight hours can have a major impact on how you experience the rest of your day. Because of this, it's important to ensure your bedroom is optimized for the best night's sleep. This, of course, can include incorporating blackout curtains and sticking with more soothing and relaxing design choices, but the most important thing to consider is your mattress.

Mattresses should be replaced, on average, every six to eight years. Doing so can help to ensure you get a good night's rest and don't suffer any negative effects like back pain, but it can also feel like a waste of money to dispose your mattress this way. In the grand scheme of things, six to eight years isn't a ton of time, so you might feel like you're wasting money by throwing out your old mattress while it's still in fairly good shape. If this is your situation, luckily, you have options. Even if your mattress is too far past its prime for nightly sleeping, it can have a second life as a part of a creative upcycled project.

Furniture cushions

Mattresses are designed to be comfortable and soft, so they frequently contain a large amount of material that can be repurposed to bring that same plushness to your other furniture pieces. Pure memory foam mattresses are obviously easier to cut down into more manageable chunks that can be used to make your favorite furniture more comfortable, but hybrid mattresses or those that have soft toppers can work for this purpose, too. After your piece is cut to the appropriate size and shape, you can use it as cushioning under upholstery or as a filling for a removable cushion on a couch or chair.

Pet bed

Your old mattress might be a little worn in for your needs, but it's safe to assume that your pet won't mind. If you have a memory foam mattress you're looking to get rid of, consider transforming it into a bed for your cat or dog. All you need to do is cut it down to size and make a durable fabric cover. Memory foam pet beds are already popular, so you could also easily find a removable cover online if you're not very confident in your sewing skills — just make sure you cut the mattress down to the correct size, and you're good to go.

Bedspring photo display

Memory foam mattresses might be easier to turn into cushions, dog beds, and pillows, but if you're committed, the internal structure of innerspring mattresses can also be used for various DIY projects. If you're able to keep the entire metal structure together, for example, you have a display board that's ready to use with the addition of a couple of clothespins. Lean the bedspring up against the wall, then use clips or hooks to attach photos, important notes, and keepsakes to the exposed metal pieces for a décor piece that's both functional and a conversation starter.

Hanging light fixture

Light fixtures can come in a wide variety of shapes and styles, but have you ever considered making one out of an old mattress? With a bit of creative wiring — and proper mounting, of course — the metal base of a mattress can be transformed into a unique ceiling light that brings a dose of interest and texture to your space. Thanks to mattresses' complex design, you can secure lightbulbs to plenty of different spots and add chains to suspend the piece from your ceiling. Once the fixture is complete, you could even use it as a convenient spot to hang other decorative items, like planters.

Climbing plant trellis

Climbing plants can bring major appeal to your space, but if you want them to climb upwards rather than take over your entire garden, you have to give them something to hold on to. A traditional trellis can do the job, but if you have one on hand, why not use the springs from an old mattress? The complex metal structure makes for an interesting design element even before your plants begin to grow, and the sheer number of springs and frame pieces means that when they do latch on, there will be plenty of spots for the tendrils to grab on and grow around.

Hat rack

Finding a place to display all your hats without flattening or damaging them can be a struggle, but you're in luck if you have an old mattress spring. By mounting this metal rack on the wall and adding a couple of hooks to the places where the wires meet, you can create a low-profile hat display that will keep your baseball caps out of the way without compressing them. If you only have a few, a crib-sized mattress spring will do the job, but you can opt for a larger size depending on the amount of wall space you have available and how many hats you want to store.

Coffee cup holder

Sure, stowing them away in your kitchen cabinets is perfectly fine, but finding creative ways to display all of your adorable mugs can seriously amp up your morning routine and leave you with an exciting and functional décor piece. Thanks to the fact that coffee mugs usually have handles along the side, they're much easier to incorporate into a hanging display, like this idea with a mattress spring as a base. Hang your mattress spring, add on some hooks, and hook on your favorite mugs to make the perfect piece to display over your coffee bar or breakfast nook.

Hanging plant display

Hanging plant pots are a great help to free up floor space and prevent plants from getting knocked over. Still, if you have more than a few, it can become challenging to find space for them. Instead of scattering your house plants around your home wherever you find a free corner, consider turning them into one low-budget hanging plant display on your wall. Take your old mattress and strip off the cover and cushioning to expose the springs, then mount the metal frame, making sure that the wall you choose can support the weight. After it's secure, hook your plants onto the wire pieces until you've covered the mattress. 

Mattress spring pour-over coffee maker

Pour-over coffee makers are one of the simplest ways to get your morning caffeine fix, but that doesn't mean they have to be boring. If you're planning to break down your old mattress and repurpose the individual components, consider incorporating one of the springs into a tabletop pour-over coffee maker. All you'll need is two pieces of wood and a pour-over coffee dripper. Attach the wood pieces at a right angle, screw on the mattress spring, and place in your dripper. After adding a filter, dumping in your grounds, and pouring over hot water, you'll have the perfect cup of joe.

Reading nook

If you have a smaller mattress you'd like to use in a simple DIY project, this idea might be for you. Instead of dumping your old twin-sized or crib mattress, consider putting it on a frame and turning it into a reading nook. With the proper styling, this mattress will read less like a bed and more like a cozy couch setup, meaning it can find a place in just about any room in your home. Make sure your frame has pieces on the side to function as arms, then add some oversized throw pillows along the back wall to complete the couch look.

Mattress spring air plant holder

Air plants are among the lowest maintenance options for live greenery out there, so much so that they don't even require soil to thrive. As a result, you can get ultra creative with how you display them. Consider using a mattress spring for a simple "planter" that adds a bit of vintage, upcycled flair to your space. After breaking down your old mattress, just place your air plant inside the spiral. The open design will allow you to see the entire plant while still making it look more intentional than if it were just sitting on your shelf.

Fencing material

Most fencing options are pretty basic, so if you're looking for more unique options, you'll have to branch out and search for different materials. One item that can make for an interesting but still functional fence is the metal core of an innerspring mattress. The wire construction might make it look a bit like chicken wire at first glance, but after a little more focus, you'll begin to notice the material's distinctive springy spirals. Leave the frame as-is if you're a fan of the rusty look, or give it a protective coat before you install it if you'd rather it stay shiny.

Cushioned ottoman

Coffee tables are a living room necessity, but if you want something that will work double-duty, consider adding a plush top to allow your table to also function as an ottoman. Cut down an old memory foam mattress to your desired size, stack it on top of a piece of plywood or particle board, then add a layer of fabric over the top and staple it to the wood. This DIY project turns two upcycled objects into one convenient final product, so it's perfect if you're looking to make a change and declutter your space at the same time.

Pillow filling

You might be replacing your mattress, but there's no reason it can't be reused as a part of your bedding. If you have a memory foam mattress, consider cutting it down into a block to use as a pillow. You can customize the thickness and size to your preferences, allowing you to create the perfect pillow to guarantee a good night's rest. If you don't have a memory foam mattress, however, you're still in luck — you can use the cushioning on top and around the springs as filling for throw and decorative pillows, though it likely won't be the best choice to support your head while sleeping.

Porch swing

Relaxing on a porch swing sounds like one of the best ways to spend a summer day, but in reality, they're often much less comfortable than they appear to be. Sitting on hard wood, or even just a thin cushion, for hours on end can ruin the appeal of this otherwise-relaxing activity. Why not take some steps to make it more comfortable? It might feel a bit strange bringing an old mattress outdoors but with the help of a protector ensuring it's not exposed to the elements, an old crib or twin bed can be transformed into an ultra-comfortable oversized porch swing.

Seasonal decorations

Mattress springs can have a ton of different uses, but one of the most versatile is as a seasonal décor piece. Their simple yet interesting design means they're easy to transform into whatever your heart desires without much effort, typically without any permanent alterations either. Use them as stands for mini pumpkins during the fall, as bases for ornaments during the winter, to hold flowers during the spring, or as holders for mini flags during the summer. After each holiday has passed, you can easily remove your decorations and try out your idea for the next season.

Wine rack

If you're tired of your special bottles of wine simply sitting on your countertop or in your pantry and taking up space, consider making a wine rack. Wine racks allow you to make your collection of bottles look more intentional, transforming them into a piece of décor until you're ready to open them up. Luckily, if you have a piece of wood and a few mattress springs, your DIY rack will likely cost less to make than even your cheapest bottle. Simply staple your springs onto the wood pieces at an angle, then store your wine bottles with the necks pointing towards the floor.