Creative Ways To Display All Of Your Adorable Mugs

If you're like most people, your mugs are more than just cups for coffee or tea. They're also collectibles and keepsakes and have sentimental memories attached to them. Perhaps some of them were bought as souvenirs on special vacations, or maybe you've been gifted most of your mugs from loved ones. If either of these scenarios is the case, you probably have quite an interesting and eclectic collection. On the other hand, those who prefer a more minimalist or neutral look may just have a matching set. Whatever the case may be, you may be wondering where and how to display them all.

What makes mugs so great is that they're not only useful but they can also double as decorations in the kitchen. Further, because they have handles, they're easy to store in a number of ways, as they could be hung from hooks or other things. Below, you'll find 22 creative ways to display your ever-growing collection.

1. Glass door cabinet

Those who want their mugs contained could display them behind glass doors in cabinets, which would also help keep them free from dust. 

2. Separated cubbies

If you have an eclectic assortment, a shelving unit with separate cubbies for each mug may work best. To really make them stand out, paint the wall behind the shelf a bold color. 

3. Hooks on shelf

If you're limited on cabinet or shelving space, hang them from hooks added to the bottom of a floating shelf. 

4. Another hook option

Here's another example of how hooks could be used to store mugs. While the above example displayed them sideways, this option shows the inside of each mug, which gives colorful or patterned pieces a more uniform look. 

5. Stacked matching mugs

This option may work best for those who own a matching set; stack them and place them on shelving or inside a cabinet. 

6. Hooks on rod

Another way to hang your collection is by adding a rod with hooks to the bottom of a shelf or a cabinet. 

7. Coffee station

One of the smartest places to store your mugs is near your coffee station. They could either be kept on shelves, hooks, or a small rack. 

8. Mug tree

If you have empty counter space, add a mug tree to your kitchen. These can typically hold lots of mugs at once and allow for each one to always be easily accessible. 

9. Pegboard

To hang your collection on the wall, use a pegboard. You could also hang utensils, towels, or other small items from this storage solution. 

10. Shelves beneath cabinets

If you have lots of space between the top of your countertops and the bottom of your cabinets, consider adding a shelf, which would be the perfect place to display your mugs. 

11. Open cabinet

Add stacks or pairs of mugs along with your other dishes to an open cabinet in either the kitchen or the dining room to create a full display. 

12. Stacked rods

Those with lots of mugs but limited storage space may want to use multiple rods with hooks, which could be installed above and below one another. 

13. Repurposed rack

A coat or towel rack could easily be repurposed as a mug rack — simply install it in your kitchen and hang your mugs on the hooks.  

14. Unique floating shelf

If you want your mugs to stand out, you could keep them on a uniquely shaped floating shelf. 

15. More storage

Here's another example of a differently shaped shelf that has a lot more storage than the previous one. This could either be hung on the wall or simply placed on a countertop. 

16. Hanging dish rack

If you'd like to store more than just mugs on your wall, hang a dish rack that securely holds plates and bowls and add hooks to the bottom. 

17. Designated shelf

Those who have lots of open shelving in their kitchen could designate one shelf only for mugs, such as the narrow and short one in the above image. 

18. Placemat

To keep your mugs in an easy-to-reach place, stack them on a placemat in the corner of your countertop along with a plant or another decorative piece. 

19. Freestanding shelving unit

Those with an open wall in their kitchen could add a tall, freestanding shelving unit and utilize some of the shelves for mug storage. 

20. Mug rack

There are plenty of storage racks on the market, and some even come with the mugs themselves. One option is the model above, which also holds small saucers, but there are other narrower types that are quite popular. 

21. Above the sink

Those who have limited space in their kitchen for extra storage could install a long rod with hooks above the sink. 

22. Storage cart

A storage cart with wheels could either be used to store dishes and mugs or could be transformed into a full coffee and tea bar.