Create The Perfect Hanging Plant Display With This Low-Budget DIY

If you can't get enough of the gorgeous greenery around your home, you may have a range of colorful flowers sitting on your living room shelves and flavorful herbs growing on your kitchen windowsills. You might also want to put up a few hanging plants in ideal spots around your abode. While you could always head out to a store to buy pre-made items or order them online, you might also want to DIY your own low-budget piece. Frankly, you can do just that by putting a popsicle hack to good use.

In order to tackle this simple project, you'll need 16 popsicle sticks. If you've purchased new popsicle sticks meant purely for crafts, you should be good to go. Of course, if your popsicle sticks once had a tasty treat on them, then you'll want to make sure that they're both clean and dry before you start this project. On top of that, you'll also need craft glue and paracord in a color that suits the room where the holder will hang. As for your plant, you'll need it along with a pot and soil. Once you have gathered up all of your supplies, you'll be ready to DIY your own hanging planter.

Turn popsicle sticks into a hanging plant holder

Now that you've pulled together the supplies that you'll need to make a DIY plant holder, you'll surely want to get right to work. You can do this by following the lead of TikTok user Using the same items mentioned above, they are able to put together an adorable hanging plant display in just a few simple steps, and so can you.

First, they create the base by gluing the popsicle sticks together. This is done by connecting them while making right angles so that you end up with a perfect square. Glue each corner before you add the next layer to make sure everything is secure. Continue to build the popsicle sticks up until you have used them all up. If you used 16, this should leave you with four layers.

Next, cut your cord into four pieces that are all the same length. Use one at a time to loop around each corner, making sure to create a knot around the popsicle sticks, leaving plenty of cord extending upwards. When you have all four corners done, pull the cords up and tie them together at the top. Finally, slide your plant into a pot along with soil and drop it carefully into the popsicle base before using the cord to secure it to your ceiling or wherever you've chosen to hang it up.